Milk & Honey Collective

12000 Vinohrady, Česko

Milk & Honey Collective

Vinohrady, Česko



We f*ck on the dance floor since 2009.

Milk & Honey is the legendary Prague club of social eroticism. A team of authors of unique erotic parties tailored for couples and their gentle accompaniment. — Since 2009. This means over 100 parties in 10 years!

Group: Kinky Events in Czechia

Our home is Le Clan, a club located in the city center. We are currently seeking other venues of a premium, unusual or quirky nature in which to host our occasional events.
Adherence to the dress code is essential to the atmosphere of the event, contributing to the fun and games, and is therefore required for admittance.
Do not miss the great DJs creating a strong sound for those who love the dance floor. Scantily clad guests and rooms with dark corners in which to fulfill their dreams or from which to watch our performers.
There is a strict ban on all recording devices in all zones at all times. Solo males are not admitted.
Average age of the visitors: 25♀ 35♂

All our future events will be open only for those who are fully vaccinated or PCR tested. The test must be max. 72 hours old. Vaccinated yourself!
We love freedom but we respect the rules. To act responsibly is our standard. All future events will be tailored for these strange pandemic times. We comply with government restrictions. You find the details in every event on Facebook.

Tickets for this and all future Milk & Honey events will be distributed ONLY online! You can find them via our web page.

1] No photos and recordings!
2] Phone must stay in the bag in the cloakroom.
3] Only participate if you are healthy and feeling good.
4] Respect the dress code of the night. Show you afford. No streetwear.
5] Respect the staff and never discuss them.
6] Listen and watch before you act. Never touch anyone before you communicate with them.
7] Come on time. Nothing starts in the middle.
8] Never speak about who exactly was at the party.
9] Invite only the people you trust and enjoy.
10] If you want to write about M&H, send it to us before you publish it.

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Milk & Honey Collective
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12000 Vinohrady, Česko
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