Double Vaginal Penetration

Have you ever practiced it?

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******S3x Man
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Double Vaginal Penetration
Hello Joyclubbers community, I come to ask you about your opinion about this topic. I have been in the Spanish-speaking community to learn a little more about the subject and their opinions. So I come to ask more same questions.

What do you think about the double vaginal?
If you have, what experience did you have? And tricks to do it or have a certain improvement.
And finally, how many here would dare to do it? (that they have not done yet)
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*******ner0 Man
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i tried it and it was very sexy and pleasureful for all involved.
The sight, the feeling and the idea was actually better then I imagined. All was tight.. and i could feel more friction then ever.. even against the other cock.
What can i say, unexpectedly (for the men) nice *engel* 🤷‍♂
Nase kitzelnNase kitzeln
*****uja Woman
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Never tried - and not even curious to do so
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*********ouple Couple
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We have done it twice and it is Monica's favorite way to do it. Unfortunately it is not easy to manage to get in the right position but when we managed (twice) it was both super great. Only problem is that both times lasted very short as we guys both came quickly and Monica both times started squirting immediately.
*****rty Man
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All you need are good team players and quiet a rythem of joy *g*
*****h29 Woman
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Never tried it but it's definitely on my wish list!
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*****ple Couple
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Would try it with the right person.

Cooling offCooling off
*********ar43 Couple
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We have tried it but it’s a bit complicated trying to ginfythe right position for it. I personally prefer dp when one is vaginal and the other is anal. I absolutely go wild for this
******nen Man
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It's a very pleasurable act. Not too complicated if the guys are average in size and can stay hard enough. I can definitely see that there might be problems if the equipment is too big, too short or too soft.
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****BG Man
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I would try most things once, and one more time for good luck *huhn*

I would try this. Sounds fun eventhough I am heterosexual, its all about pleasing the lady.
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******an3 Man
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I tried with couple and it was great..hard to explain plesure but wee came quickly *g*
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*******ner0 Man
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i tried.. and to be honest it was very pleasureful. The tight space.. the moan of pleasure.. the unusual frictions & movements.. all made me cum very deeply *g*
Feel The HeatFeel The Heat
*********ty4U Man
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It would be interesting to try with the right couple. Guessing it takes practice to find the right position.

DP might be easier.
*******em07 Man
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I tried it a couple of times and all I can say that the pleasure was awesome
*******ass Man
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i hadn't try but i would love to try one day
*********speed Man
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I've done it with a few couples. Everyone involved loved it, each time. But llike others say, it's not always easy to find a position that facilitates the action. *zwinker*
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