Why did you and your partner become swingers?

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Why did you and your partner become swingers?
My wife and I love to go out in dates and come home to tell each other about it. It gets us so turned on to hear about someone else touching and kissing the other person.
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*gruebel* many reasons. But main ones
1. We saw a TV program about a swinger club, and Mrs Meland said she would like to try it out with another woman.
2. This led to the subject of spicing up our sex life.
3. We are a little adventurous and like to explore
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Ours started from a flyer for a swingers club in Seattle. Through many conversations, we decided to go. We absolutely loved it and here we are 7 years later!!
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What is the best way to approach German girls in bars?
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I haven't figured that out yet lol
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In New York, while out I randomly met a couple.
I was naive... and am friendly. A couple visiting NYC struck up a conversation with me in jazz club.
The wife was attractive, but I had no idea that they were swingers.
Eventually the wife went to the bathroom and the husband told me that his wife really liked me and that I should flirt with her.
I was slightly confused. But maybe it was the liquid courage... I ended up flirting with her when she returned.
She start touching more while talking and she moved closer to me. She got more touchy... finally tension was building and she kissed me.
Wow... had no idea they were swingers and I guess I was in the right place at the right time.

Things got more flirty... and eventually she whispered in my ear that she wanted to fuck me. I looked at the husband, she said that he likes to watch.

Needless to say I ended up spending the night in their hotel.

It was a nice introduction to swinging...
Funny thing was I met another couple while out and had a feeling they were swingers too. Without going in to details that was my first three way.

The doors to a new world of adventure were open and I have enjoyed sharing experiences ever since.
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When I was single, one of my fuckbuddies asked me to accompany him to a swingers club. I had never been to one before.
That night I met my now husband *mrgreen* we just got back into swinging a few months ago
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