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Opened or in hiding
How many of you are actually open about your sexuality and sexual preferences in your social life and private circles...? Or do you rather hide your kinky things and thoughts like snake hides it's feet?
In my case for example, I'm pretty open about it, about my preferences and kinks. Most of my friends in inner circle do know about it, of course not all in the details and amounts of it but they do know in what direction I lean on and many things I prefer cuz we talk openly about sex in general and I don't look at any of it as a shameful thing to be discussed. I rather like the curiosity of people that the topic awakens and their reaction to some things that are even in today's time considered as taboo or rare, and also I get often surprised by the ignorance of some as many never heard of some things or they just don't understand it. Now, this topic of mine comes from a discussion with someone about how hard can it be sometimes to share "unusual" things with people, talk open without being shamed or cussed out. And it goes for both sexes. It seems it's hard to be open about being submissive, especially if you're a guy submitting to a woman, letting her rule over you and use you in any way, cuz in mans society you're less of a man if so. Then again for woman in a same role letting a man be in charge is either normal cuz you're a woman and he's a man and it's natural that he's the dominant one, but then also you're a weak woman if you enjoy being handled and let him do what he wants with you (all in mutual agreement of course)...
Then seems to be also many fetishes that are not easily talked about, cuz they are still considered a big taboo and kinda of dirty ... Like golden shower, feet fetish, leashing, spitting, snowballing, cuckolding, klismaphilia, rimming, pegging,... And I guess for many is that understandable, in the end not all has to be displayed for everyone to know... Sometimes and with some things it's enough to share with a certain partner you enjoy the certain kink with....
But then there are some things and body representation that I just don't/can't/won't understand...
Why is it such a bad thing if a woman decide not to shave her pussy if she feels better like that, or even legs and any part of her body (it's her body), till that point where it's not even comfortable or acceptable to talk about that being a fact cuz that makes her less feminine for some reason, but it's completely normal to have guys being completely shaved off and that doesn't make them any less masculine, or if they don't shave that's also completely normal cuz man's body is expected to be hairy and it's a masculine thing....

Second for me is plus size women as a fetish to be ashamed of... And as one I'm really pissed about this one.... I'm not the greatest fan of my body for sure, but it's mine, f it, tryed to change it multiple times only to end badly every time so I accept it and argue with it from time to time on my terms... Through years of developing and maturing and socialising with mature people I find more and more people that likes it and love it and get turned on by it more and more....titts asses thighs belly... Everything.... And that's fine... I preffer my women also bigger in any area, but I'm not ashamed of that what I like, where many love to have such in bed but won't be publicly or openly seen with someone like that in a relationship weather sexual or love cuz society apparently doesn't approve that as a successful, beautiful or healthy partner....

Idk... If you can't accept someone for their appearance, likes, character or whatever, how can you accept yourself or expect to be accepted with your flaws and wrongs.... Your scars and marks cuz society says we all have to have perfect skin, your hight cuz as a man you have to over 178cm or whatever, you being to dark or to pale cuz society says so, you not having all your theets straight and white as pearls... You not having a 6 pack but rather just all in 1 pack, that's not a body for a head page of some magazine... You not liking to go down on her but expect from her to give you a blow job worthy of "deep throat" cover,... I could give examples without end....

Just my thoughts I guess.... Any opinions or thoughts on the topic? Share when so...
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Personally I don't mind saying that I am kinky.
Even on the end...who cares about what the others might think?
If they think bad I don't give a fuck, if I find someone which finds nice my same things we might have a nice time...
And anyway....if I get laid with some of the girls I have among my friends they can't act shocked if I ask them to pee on me 😅😅
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I like this topic and thanks for bringing it up!

When it comes to openness within close circle of people, I choose to keep things private and not share my sexual life with my family and closest friends. The reason is not that I am ashamed, but because I know what type of people they are and that they would find it nearly impossible to accept, which would lead to me discussing the subject with them for endless hours like a philosopher so that they can understand why I do what I do. And even then, they would not approve, so I prefer to save myself the time.
I am very selective about whom I discuss this with and I have had countless discussions with 'vanilla' people, where I have tried to help them understand that 'swinging' is not a perverted way to fuck around with different people (as most vanillas would assume), but rather a lifestyle of openness, adventure, trust and communication. Most fail to understand, but those who do really appreciate the concept and the idea.
So to answer your question, I am selective and do not share my sexual life with everybody *g*

As for body type, I dont think that every person is happy with their appearance in one way or another. We are our own biggest critics. Of course there are things that attract us, and there are things that dont. Personally I've been on a rollercoaster of a ride with regards to my physical appearance. I've been overweight three times, i've been skinny. I've tried literally everything to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin and I am happy to say that I have finally found the solution which works for me.
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My friends know. Some of my family knows I am bisexual but would not go in to detail with them about my kinks.

I’m clear at work that the weekend me is alternative. I’m clear that if we randomly meet at a club, that is the weekend me.

I refuse to be slut shamed *mrgreen*
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