Maspalomas resort

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Maspalomas resort
Bonjour nous sommes nouveau sur le site ont voudrais partir dans un resort swinger s a maspalomas mais le quel ?
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Venus Resort
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We have been to venus resort
And also La mirage
Both are good but we perfer
La mirage
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On part en avril voudrais trouver un avec une bonne ambiance sex nous aimons les orgy
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hi! we were 2 years ago in Venus resort, for a party, and check the atmosphere.
The facilities are nice, but we found it too "ordinary/without style". Mostly germans, (we live in germany, but we are mixed from spain).
I do not know how to "give a rating" to it.. the only worst place that i have been is in Cap D'agde.. if you can get what I mean.
However, if you are looking for explicit sex at any time of the day without any limitations... Venus or Le mirage are your place.

We would recommend to go to a "nudist resort" and then go for a party (friday, saturday or sunday) at one of these places... or a swinger club.
we were also in several swinger clubs... but that is another story.
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Venus Star resort (S.Bartollome, Maspalomas) and old Venus Resort employees have known us by sight for a long time. We have also been to Mirage, but Venus is much more comfortable. We have repeatedly managed to initiate big orgies on their huge soft beds. Once we counted 12 people in one "heap". It was super!
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