Any tips for Phuket, where to go?

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Any tips for Phuket, where to go?
Any clubs in Phuket?
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Best tip !!?! Don’t go to Phuket !!!
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anyone (Frau) come with me to Gang-Bang party on Friday?
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I don’t go to Thailand or any of the Asian Countries but being from Australia I have a lot of friends who do for cheap sex, drugs and surf. I am not into any of the aforementioned. I have been to several countries, but it just is not flavour. I prefer Latina and Eastern European. My experience with Asian women is that sex is always for a barter, it is a financial arrangement, business deal, no matter what the relationship. So the concept of a Sex Club where it is mutually beneficial is not a viable option. These countries are filled with abandoned women who have multiple children and they are not honest or to be trusted. All the idiots I know that went there for Asian brides ended up conned with a whole new family and have to support the parents as well. You need to understand the culture and if you do, you will understand why what you ask is probably not what you will find… but I am happy to be proven wrong and I hope you find what you look for and I am sure you will have a great time regardless as there are some very beautiful places to visit. If you move away from the sex angle, it is a great place to holiday but it became very expensive over the years. I think you should research more and look at less know Thai locations unless you are looking for moon parties, young people drunk on the beach and a lot of stupid westerners, if they are allowed to travel there.

As far as vacation, it depends what you are looking for. But if you asking about clubs like here in Berlin, I am pretty sure they are all prostitution, and there is nothing that is mutual pleasure and it is all fake for a fee.
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Everything to do with bars and sex in Phuket is all in one large area only on the Island and nowhere else... The bars and clubs are all the same, there is no special famous club that stands out from the others.... The whole area is good... Have fun !!
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well.. a lot to say here: what are you looking for?
As a couple, .. are you looking for swinger couples? (give a try to but I do not recommend to go to a bar and "find a couple" as most likely she will be a hooker.
if you are looking for a bi lady, or a ladyboy (kathoey) you will find plenty, but it is prostitution.
If you are looking for a man for threesome probably you will find some in night bars/disco. Also i do not recommend you that.

So, my piece of advice is enjoy the best of thailand: beach, food, natural parks, and temples. Enjoy the kindness of the people. and climate. *ggg*
It is a fantastic country.
The prostitution hotspot are concentrated in 3 cities: Pattaya (a shithole), bangkok (Nana plaza and Soi cowboy) and Phuket (in Patong beach).
Thai society is very very convervative and outside of those hotspots you can find prostitutes but it is not as easy as you. might think.. and it is like in any european country.
I lived and worked in Thailand and I love the country and the real people.
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Just came back from there. The nightlife is mostly scaled back or shut down. Bangla road, the sin street of Patong shuts down by 22:00, and most of the activities are temporarily banned because of covid.

We still loved the place, but it was more for the diving than the sin.
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We are in Bangkok, Thailand. Any couple who visit Bangkok, we would like to have fun with them. Our whatsapp +66882891817
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