Reasons for delayed orgasm in men

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Reasons for delayed orgasm in men
Mostly people are complaining from a too fast orgasm, it is an issue for both men and women.
On the other hand, I am the opposite, since I was 22 I orgasm very late, it sometimes took me hours and sometimes I don't even orgasm at all.

My first sex experience was horrible, and I think this was the reason, my ex-girlfriend was 10 years older. We were together for 3.5 years, I used to orgasm also late but with her I always orgasm.

What could be the reason for that ? Do I maybe find a doctor or something, it is not about performance, It is just I don't come to the point where I want to reach that easy and that sometime annoys me..

What is your experience about the speed of orgasm, late or fast and how it is affecting your relationships?
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@*****sh1 I have had this same problem which in some cases can be a good thing that you don’t cum quick but not getting to the point of orgasm does suck. What helped me if actually relaxing and focusing on the orgasm. I learned that with me when I’m actually having sex I’m more focused on pleasing the lady more than myself, so most of the times for me to orgasm it’s from oral and me relaxing and only focusing on my pleasure and release. Sometimes as a pleaser you forget about yourself you just have to find a lady that wants to please you and allows you to relax and let go or find a way to mentally make this happen for yourself. Hope this helps you.
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Yes I have the same problem. Its great for giving women multiple orgasms but not so good for myself. This is a problem I haven't worked out how to resolve at the moment:(
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Guys, look for tantra seminars or whatever, you will find all the answers *g*
orgasm is not a goal *g*
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Tegarding me, I can just say that if I wear a condom I loose lot of sensation and I cum later or even never.
Maybe the reason is also because I am circumcised, no idea.

Anyway it is also likely a partmer engagement issue. As for me, I get a lot more excited if I see and feel that she is getting deeply aroused.
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Quote from ******t4u:

Maybe the reason is also because I am circumcised, no idea..
Yes I am also circumcised,this could be one of the reasons, thanks for sharing
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Quote from ********8305:

orgasm is not a goal :)
For me it is not a goal, I am also happy to satisfy the other partner, and mostly they come to orgasm, it is just a bit strange that I only get orgasm in certain positions after long time.
But thanks for contributing
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How about this angle,

why don't you try and mastrubate a bit more, and find out what it is that really turns you on. Once you know what really makes you cum, you could try and achieve this with someone else. I found that once I knew what really makes me cum, I can control my climax much better, and even join in on the multiple orgasms.

At first I needed visual stimulation to achieve my goal, but as I got better I kept reducing this until I could cum without anything but the thoughts in my head. This also helped me to get turned on by my own orgasms.... causing me to be even more turned on after cumming

I have a little training program you could try if you like.

Start off with all the porn you find erotic to get you to cum. You might just be surprised what you find, and don't hold back on the topics, try them all, even the ones most people don't regards as normal.
Remember, this is your fantasy, and your alone.

Next level would be to only use the porn, your porn, for the last half until you cum, start off with nothing.

Next level would be to use no porn until you come, this can be really difficult.

Next level would be to alternate the way you do it:
only two fingers
only the shaft
only the glans / bulb

Next level would be to alternate the hands you use, believe me getting myself off with my left hand is still difficult.

Last level, would be to cum more than once.

Bonus level would be to massage the prostate until you cum, but this is rather advanced.

I don't hink there is anything wrong with you, but you might not be in sync with yourself and your own desires. Sure we all have diffrent ways of really getting a good orgasm, but one thing that rings true is...
"Practice makes perfect"

I hope this helps you.

PS. If it hurts, please stop, or else you might just do damage to the little one. It's like going to the Gym, you need time, and you don't look like a body builder after this first time.
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.... you could also ask a Proffesional:

She can definatly help you, and I regards her as the Guru on the topic sex.
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I also have the same problem and I'm also circumcised. It improves a lot when I don't masturbate for a long period. I think 2 of the reasons are depending on porn to get aroused, so you lose your focus and imagination without it and the other reason could be rough masturbation or not using lube.
I like @****la 's method, I'll try it out too.
Good luck and have fun!
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I myself come extremely easy, but my boyfriend has it hard comming.
But its not a hunt for him, he goes with the flow and the feeling in his body, and oh my when he comes, the orgasm takes completely control of his body, and he has the most insane orgasms - I forget mine to watch him *love5*🤩
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I am circumcised and I can cum pretty quickly if I want to. I generally spend a lot of time with my tongue to bring my partner to orgasm at least once, so it works out well
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Blutdruck, Medikamente und psychische Erkrankungen!!! plus die Lücke bis zum letzten Orgasmus
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Quote from *****sh1:
For me it is not a goal, I am also happy to satisfy the other partner, and mostly they come to orgasm, it is just a bit strange that I only get orgasm in certain positions after long time.
But thanks for contributing

it is your goal.. and it's ok that you try to reach it.. maybe reflect why you are doing it.

however, as I am also in this situation, let's talk a bit about that.

for me there are two reasons for orgasm: biologic and energetic.

biologic is a body reaction on specific stimuli. I don't orgasm in many position so just find your rhythm, angle and position (e.g. deep inside or just the top )
but most times that is not "enough" for me to orgasm (and the orgasms are shallow)

energetic: depends on the energy what you creates and/or the women creates in the genitals.
the sexual energy are mostly generated in the testicles , not the penis.

if the first is not satisfying or working, maybe that's a sign to discover the second point *zwinker*
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I agree that experimentation is probably the best way to learn about your body and what turns you on the most. Some of us actually enjoy delaying orgasm for hours because it feels good. *smile*
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