Weekend trip to Hamburg

Weekend trip to Hamburg
Hi all, visiting Hamburg this weekend and looking for suggestions for the best places to visit. Looking for Kinos and clubs. Many thanks *g*
****aif Couple
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Club Equinoxe maybe *gg**gg*
*******sdk Couple
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We go Catonium Friday*zwinker*
*******rope Man
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I am also in Hamburg,

Feel free to write for drink meetup
**********ZIE85 Couple
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Looking for freaking couple or single female near Kaiserslautern
*******401 Woman
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Welcome to Germany, it is nice to see fellow English people coming here and enjoying the many things Germany can give. Sadly, I am not in Hamburg this weekend, but if you ever get anywhere near Hannover, I would be happy to show you round and show you the best clubs in the area.
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@**********ZIE85 @*******401 Could you not just, like, open your own threads if you're looking for something completely different than what's topic on here?
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