trans-friendly clubs in berlin?

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trans-friendly clubs in berlin?
Hi! *herz4*

i'm visiting Berlin this november, and I'm hoping to visit a club/sexcinema or just find someone to have fun with.

Lots of the clubs I see here have no information about if it's LGBT+ friendly or not (or maybe they do, and it's lost in translation) so I was wondering if any of you could recommend clubs that are trans-friendly?

I'm a bisexual transgender boy, and I'm submissive & bottom - so i would love to go somewhere where people aren't shocked to find out that I'm not packing anything *lol*

thanks in advance!
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I think Club Culture House in Kreuzberg has events that cater more so for Trans. I don’t think you will have an issue with any of the clubs, but probably best to look at the event for the venue and look at the people who are attending as this will tell you more… clubs have different events on different nights that cater for different clientele and it is not the same type of crowd seeking the same thing every night in any of these clubs
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Every club in germany welcomes trans people. Be yourself at best. Noone will refuse you. You can do that because of your feminine looks.
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