How to catch a unicorn

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How to catch a unicorn
A single bi woman, who has a threesome with a couple without entering a commited relationship is sometimes called a unicorn, because it is supposed to be that rare. But it can be a conscious choice to have this kind of encounters.
Our author talks about how to make finding a “unicorn” a reality: U is for Unicorn Hunting

  • What is your experience finding partners for a threesome?
  • How do you like to take couples on a date or date as a couple?

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That's a good question, but I think the idea of a "unicorn" goes far past a simple threesome or date. In my experience, the first-time threesome is often driven by my partner finding someone they see as "disposable"... They want to try out the threesome without fear of a continued relationship between the other girl and me. To me, a unicorn is that person who DOES stick around for future fun, so I think "finding a unicorn" is just about an open exploration with your partner for someone you both enjoy. I don't know what it feels like from the potential unicorn (what they're looking for, what turns them off, etc.), so I'm curious to see what others have to say here...
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