Roleplay - What are your favorites?

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Roleplay - What are your favorites?
Halloween is over and we all had the opportunity to dress up and be someone else for a little while.

But role play can be fun year-round. It allows us to do things we otherwise might not dare, it can bring a new dynamic into an established relationship or just provide new ideas and context that otherwise wouldn't be there. You can read more about it in our magazine: R is for Role play

  • What are your favorite roles and scenarios to play?
  • What is your advice to make roleplaying fun?
  • And do you habe costumes?

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That’s a hard one. Although I do love women dressed Cosplay type costumes. They may not be comfortable but contact lenses look hot too.
I would love for me and a girl to be lying side on and me behind while my girl is casually talking to another girl. Then right in the middle of the conversation, I penetrate slow and deep while ‘you’re’ still talking but moaning
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Personally I do enjoy inhabiting other headspaces for a while and to have fun with clichees and outfits.
Usually I do not try to play someone completely different form myself but to take on a mode that is basically "myself as a pet" oder "myself as a secretary" or whatever.
Speaking of secretaries, I do enjoy that one for the fashion alone. Petplay also is a thing I can get into, bunny would be my animal of choice.
This weekend I went to a party as a "debutant", which did not lead to all in roleplay but was a fun way to frame the evening.
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