Weekend in Berlin on February

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Weekend in Berlin on February
Hi everyone! *gg*
We are planning a long weekend in Berlin during beginning of February. We know its rather early to start planning, bur better start early than late... lol
Anyway, we would love to get some recommendations for fun swingers events or clubs, or maybe meet a nice couple that can show us around...
We love to socialize and have fun, though we are not quite sure that the fetish/bdsm scene (such as insomnia or kitkat) is really our 'thing'... we usually prefer something more intimate and quieter... so feel free to suggest fun and cool places or events *gg*

And you are all more than welcome to pm.

E & M
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Tempeloase maybe
*******dude Man
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Try Avarus !
*********nsu2 Couple
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Avarus is nice!
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