Spanking - Show us your favourite Implement

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Spanking - Show us your favourite Implement
Spanking or any form of impact play can be a lot of fun, be it sensual, masochistic or sadistic and I am sure most of you will be naughty this christmas. As you can read in our A to Z article, it is easy to start, you just need your hands: I is for Impact Play.
But toys can improve the experience a whole lot. So show us your favourite implements for impact play and talk about, why you like them so much.

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Might be a rare one - but I rather enjoy using glue sticks. Don't have a picture ready, but really, they all look the same mostly (can take one though if somebody wants more info). I recommend the longer ones - the super short ones don't really carry a lot of sting. But long enough and they do - oooh they do. No need to put a lot of force into it. Just slap them gently. They feel similar to a cane, just a bit less deep and a tad more stingy. As they only need to be about 15cm long (haven't measured the ones I use) they're also very easy to aim, and it's as easy to control the force put into the hit (and there's a lot of variety as even a very gentle hit can be felt, but nobody is really stopping you from putting your full muslce power into it... well, nobody besides your resident masochist *ggg* )

However, the toy I am most proud of is my heavy leather flogger in black and turquoise. I'll make sure to post a pic of that later. It's a flogger with more punch (for a flogger) than sting and feels quite pleasurable as a warm-up implement. For me as the one usually yielding it however it's best feature is the weight, not only of the leather but also of the handle. While annoying for single strokes (you need quite a bit of force to get it up to speed), it's very easy to keep it in motion and keep a rhythm when swinging it. ANd I very much prefer one fluid motion over doing single strikes over and over again *zwinker*
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@*****a68 You might have more success in actually adding a date for that to your profile and / or posting a personal ad in the forums instead of posting it in a thread primarily meant to discuss the topic of impact play implements. Cause here, the only ones that see it are the people following this discussion. And they don't follow it to look for partners...
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