Free sex in Nice

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Free sex in Nice

I am new in Nice and if somebody can show me around the best places for free sex swinger parties an so on.
Thanks in advance
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I doubt "free sex swinger parties" is a thing. If it's a party, somebody's gonna host it and has to pay for it, so there's an entry fee. Also, no sex is guaranteed on swinger parties, you still have to find a suitable partner to fuck yourself there, and if nobody is interested, bad luck. If you want guaranteed sex, book a sexworker. They don't work for free either, though.

TBH I find it incredibly rude to post here seriously hoping to find somebody to give you sex with no effort. Might be news for you, but: most people aren't desperate enough to just randomly fuck people just because they exist. Especially if apparently fucking isn't worth anything to them.
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Free sex parties *rotfl**rotfl**rotfl* men and their 'i won't make any effort'
****82 Man
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I doubt there is something called "free sex." *ggg*
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In fact, as we all know very well, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, generally 😅
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