How to deal with misbehaviour in FLR? How do you confess?

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How to deal with misbehaviour in FLR? How do you confess?
i am curious concerning the practice of MISTRESSES and slaves in FLR regarding slave misbehavior, confessions, and punishments. To kick of an exchange of ideas and experiences i take the liberty to post one of my recent 'list of confessions'. It would be very kind if a MISTRESS or a slave felt motivated to comment.
most humbly slave xavier
Divine MISTRESS! Most adorable GODDESS MIA!
THANK YOU MISTRESS for making the pathetic slave-pig keep this list and making sure the pig will eventually ALWAYS be punished. PLEASE, MISTRESS humiliate, punish, CANE, and WHIP him without mercy. When the slave moans, sobs, dances with pain, and begs MISTRESS to stop – then please just laugh at the wimpy piglet, make him stop wailing, and keep WHIPPING until YOU are fully satisfied.

List of most recent transgressions of the slave-pig since October 24, 2022
4.10.: uncommanded orgasm; the slave does not expect MISTRESS to use him for sex; MISTRESS has him fuck HER PUSSY and the pig announces twice that he will come but MISTRESS continues; the pig must expect to be used any time; it is not MISTRESS’s job to stop but the slave’s job not to have an orgasm
9.10.: the pig enjoys an unauthorized erection in the shower fantasizing about his OWNER disciplining him during corner time; the fantasy makes it impossible to suppress the erection quickly
9.10.: the slave is not present to WORSHIP and serve as a fuck-machine although MISTRESS craves sex
8. – 14.10.: the slave-pig sees quite a few very beautiful, sexy, and elegant WOMEN in Paris; he never fantasizes about them or gets aroused, but he also does not look down immediately;
16.10.: MISTRESS makes the slave-pig come all over himself without COMMANDING an orgasm
19.11: MISTRESS force-milks the pig and makes it come without COMMAND laughing and giggling at his desperation
1.12.: slave-pig sees a very sexy WOMAN at the supermarket, braids, very long slim legs, sexy sports outfit; the pig follows HER with his eyes for a long time; when SHE looks him in the eye he lowers his gaze immediately like an embarrassed slave expecting to be punished for his audacity

Please MISTRESS, WHIP, humiliate, and punish the slave-pig. Show him what happens when he disobeys or fails. Teach the slave manners! Enjoy his suffering for YOUR GLORY!

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I'll be honest, I've read that twice and still have no idea what you are going on about? Is this a self help post or do you wish to simplify for simpletons like me , what you are actually asking ? Yours sincerely Simple Mcsimpleton the second.
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Sorry if i have been cryptic.

This is just an example of a "list of confessions". The slave has to keep track of all his sins, failures, transgressions, and so forth. At some point MISTRESS COMMANDS him to show HER the list. The slave is kneeling before HER awaiting HER verdict. And then he gets punished, usually with the WHIP, paddles, and canes. Additional punishments are extended CHASTITY, humiliating challenges, or worst of all MISTRESS using other slaves.

How do you guys handle slave misbehavior and punishment?
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I also use Chastity, Impact Play and Humiliation. Other slaves I don’t because we haven’t agreed on that.

We are more in a D/s than M/s but have many irl and online TPE aspects.

But to be more specific:
• I love to use corner time if he fails strickt bed time. Every minute longer is a minute in corner time. During corner time, no touching, no speaking and a shame pose. It is also the best online punishment via spycam (He gave me access to them - feeds into my voyeur fetish).
• I usually do CBT as an immediate response for misbehaviour. Especially when he uses physical actions like his hands to keep me away.
• Scratching for disrespectful / bratty behaviour like laughing or rude back talking.
• Depending how well he behaved he is allowed or not allowed to sleep with me in one bed, next to the bed or in a cage.
• I do punishment spanks when he fails to do a position correctly, forgets titles while we chat or doesn’t ask me properly. He can erase spanks or exchange them for other punishments by doing good tasks and engage more in submission.
• The worst punishment and the most effective is „no touching the mistress for a whole session / day / weekend“. I use this if he ever dares to cum without permission or as a monthly challenge motivation to keep the challenge going.
• cold showers or wax punishments are also used from time to time.
• using restrictions if he behaves to „stressed“ for me or not aesthetically pleasing for my eye. He tends to walk fast and that leads often to clumsiness. (Which can be dangerous in some cases) Shackles on feed arms are great to reduces speed. My inner sadist is always happy to see him in chains, sensory deprivation and other types of bondage.
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