Do you play games?

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Do you play games?
Back in our student days, we were both involved in the Greek system. Those parties can get… wild. When you feel like having a wild party, but nothing’s happening (yet), there’s always the option to go play drinking games with a bunch of people. Something interesting usually follows. Call it college foreplay.

So when we started talking about meeting up with other couples, we naturally thought back of our drinking games days. They served as icebreakers back then, they could serve as icebreakers here and now, right? That was our thesis at least.

Here’s another thing reinforcing our believe in the game setup: before we took our first steps, we spent some time watching quite some episodes of Playboy’s Swinger series. If you haven’t seen it yet (you should!), a couple is introduced to the lifestyle by another group of people. They typically start off by playing some grown-up versions of typical games like “spin the bottle” (“spin the dildo”) or (dildo) ring-tossing (not our personal favorite). Wouldn’t it be fun if we could meet new people like that?

Anti-thesis: people so far have generally disapproved of our idea. Why would you need an icebreaker? You know what you’re getting together for after all. What if you can find a quiet spot to talk to each other and take your time? And either the magic is there or not, a silly game isn’t going to change anything.

But what if our sampling size is just too low? N = 1 means you’re always right, right?

And yes, we realize that the playboytv fantasy thing is just that: fantasy. But even when you see two perfectly dressed and coiffed actors walk on the perfect beach with the perfect sunset… that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a stroll on the beach with your significant other and appreciate Earth’s 24-hour cyclical rotation.
So, for what it’s worth, here are the games we thought would be fun for two like-minded meeting couples to try out:

“Truth or dare”: A good one to get started with, because you don’t have to do anything until you’re ready for it. Start by asking innocuous questions like “what’s your favorite place to be kissed?”, move up to “do you like sucking dick?”, all the way to “how often have you have you had your backdoor penetrated?”. The dares also gradually scale up: “person x has to kiss person y”, “person z has to do a striptease” etcetera. Mix and match truths and dares, depending on what you feel like at the moment.

“Spin the dildo”: an easy one; lay a penis-shaped object in the middle, have it spin until it stops, and then do something with (or ask) the person it points at. This one can be combined with truth or dare, obviously.

“Hedbandz X”: Some preparation needed for this one. Prepare a bunch of playing cards with x-rated objects on them, and take some headbands with you. Each person puts on a headband and clamps a card in the headband, so that everyone but the player can see them. The player can ask three yes/no questions (“is it edible?”, “can I put it in my butt?”…) to guess the object that they’re showing the others. The person that guesses his or her object first wins and gets a free blowjob (or whatever other reward). For the experts: replace the x-rated objects with positions from the Kamasutra!

Are there practical limitations to any of these? Well, yes, but nothing that can’t be overcome. Your biggest challenge may just be to find a private nook or corner where you can sit together and play the game in the first place. Are you open to letting others join in? Then perhaps you can just play in a lounge area. The other one is the drinking aspect in drinking games. There are plenty of clubs and facilities that only allow drinks in certain areas. So you may have to come up with a different kind of reward / punishment system than the typical “take a drink”. Loosing a piece of clothing is a good alternative, but make sure you go in wearing clothing to begin with! Improvising and mindset are key here.
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Sounds like my idea of fun …
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We always use games as icebreakers, a way to get intimate knowledge pointers of potential partners, and incentives for play when we produce kink events or private playparties. We have developed several games for the occasions that can be scaled.

Homo ludens never denies itself, not forgetting a game is a controlled environment desires can mask themselves behind.

We highly recommend using games *g*
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We watched Playboy’s Swing and loved the show. Food, drink, kinky games in a candle lit room, what a perfect night.
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Sounds like a great idea to get things moving *100*😈
Me Rich 😉
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My friends and I plan games for whenever we host parties. They’re not always needed, but it’s always an opportunity for people to begin to unwind. We use the opportunity to get people to strip (the shy ones will do one side of shoe, etc).
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I really like games! I think it's a great ice breaker, especially when people don't know each other that well. I have mobile app "Truth or Dare" with kinky questions and so far it worked quit well *g*
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