Sex clubs in Hamburg?

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Sex clubs in Hamburg?
I'm going to spend the weekend in Hamburg with my bf (03/02 to 05/02) and am looking for good, safe sex clubs. We also like saunas and have fantasies for MMF, MFF, and experience in BDSM so places for playing just the 2 of us in a BDSM environment/couples are also welcome. Maybe trying a place of each type for each of the nights would be nice!

Sharing your own experience either in the forum of PM are welcome as well.

Many thanks!
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I personally enjoyed my stay at the Catonium in Hamburg, it is very focussed on BDSM, has themed partys on differen nights and is one of the bigger clubs. I was there when it was pretty crowded after a convention and you could enjoy being part of a big community of kinksters that night. There are, as I said, a lot of concepts. It is worth looking at at least, if BDSM being the main attraction is your thing.
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We enjoy Equinoxe. Nice dance area, couples only area, private rooms if wanted.
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Hamburg. Go to the FrivolBars and pre-register (sorted Raw to Tame)
Catonium: CMNF Themed with BDSM. Massive place. Absolutely great layout.

KOW2 Raw and open with great atmosphere. Fucking on tables and plenty of MM(+M)F opportunities. Slight BDSM twist depending on the night.

CheersBar: Mid-level, nice people and a little more tame. Private room. Ironic to say, but I think that it’s really cosy..

Equinox: Mainly for couples and partner exchange.

Eys: Disco mixed into an intimate swinger bar. English speaking hosts. Very safe, with a good mix of single men & women, and couples.. private and open fucking.

Only MY OWN views… Hope it helps… good luck… Jonathan
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any recommendation in Koeln?
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Hey! Many thanks to you all! Unfortunately, we were a bit late to register for some of the special night events, or not interested in others so we opted for another club this time. It was interesting to at least be able to try a couple of new devices *g*
I will plan ahead with more time for his next visit *g*
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I meet with my cpl friends in hotel there, accordng to them clubs are not great in Hamburg
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Hello my friend i m in Hamburg and i love to sex
so female call me at any time saturday and sunday
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