Just a doubt😄

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Just a doubt😄
I think this would be an off topic. Out of curiosity, I just wanna know whether you would check with the partners in fetish event whether they have any STDs or not.( Like Herpes).

I am planning to go for an event this week..
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...how are you supposed to check? Do you expect peoples to carry medical certificates to the party.? My suggestion is to follow the guidelines for safer sex...
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If i do something penetrative I do ask if they are tested. I personally don't do that spontaniously, so there is time to have a look. During an event I'd say pratice safer sex, play with people you trust and talk about it.
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Yeah I ask something along the lines of, "when was your last STI test?" Vigilance of symptoms is also key...
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Asking people if they are healthy is always "if fish". No one will honestly tell u if they haven't been tested or if they are carrying something.
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Usually I do not ask. The reality seems to be that many people do not get tested regularly. I practice safer sex with condoms. Most people have never heard of HPV or been vaccinated for it. Because of this I never do cunnilingus. I insist on condoms for a blowjob if I’m at a club. Condoms make blowjobs a lot less fun but that’s how it is *snief2*
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Fetishism strolls are a russian roulette. I have HPV, and I believe to be one of the unlucky ones to whom it happened to be persistent, I believe so.
There is a little more research done on this lately, however in my opinion not close to enough.

What I can say about it, is that about 80% of the people fleeting around carry (well, to my speculation - at least one-) of the, (400? yet known) strains.

A somewhat recent paper has shown airborne transmission from patient to surgeon, which to my (speculation) suggests that, there is a possibility for the virus to be transferred the same way as e.g. covid would, i.e. in more or less magnitude, which perhaps might depend on the strain and location of where the virus is nestled (e.g. oropharyngeal area's) plus perhaps combined with other factors such as time of exposure, immunity response, and more.

The stern advice that I had from my gynaecologist is to have just one partner.

There is research still I believe, on Crispr/Cas9 Gnome editing therapy (for HPV as well as HIV treatment, - and some success stories of it removing cancer after other therapeutic treatments have failed), but I have not interested myself enough lately in the progressions of this.

Before the upswing of Crispr/Cas9, there were (in about the past 5-7 years? not exactly sure abt the amount of years) vaccines to prevent HPV, which are given mostly to youngsters before they start exploring sexuality.
Um... this vaccine, does however help against a few strains. And there remain still questions to my belief about other strains, and about combinations of other ‘unharmful’ strains let’s say.

I don’t want to freak people out. And feel free to interpret this in any way you think you want.

Maybe some people are more prone to having it, depending on genes, or combined with numerous of other factors. I for example have not caught covid once, not even when working in a sweaty hot warehouse during covids first peaks, while an other friend my age, who is even more fit than I am, ended up with myocarditis and a temporarely quite severe impact on his heart from catching covid.

Maybe it’s weird to compare these two, as they’re really not the same thing.
But em... in some manner, both being a virus, there are some similarities to consider.

Covid not being transferrable through skin contact, instead, HPV might be very contagious though skin-to-skin contact. As to mention an example.

Oh, note that, I have been 2-3 times tested negative on HPV, while I had it. So um... well I don’t want to make it too terrible here. But maybe it’s not bad to keep false negatives in the back of your mind either. (I am not sure how this happens - I assume a probable cause might be that it nestles in a certain area of grouped cells, and that the test will then only turn positive if it happened to ‘stroke’ over that area specifically - but that’s just my speculation).

Anyhow, good luck. It’s to my belief, kind of a Russian roulette to be taking strolls though the more kinky scenes. I like to believe that, if not permanently infected, it’s maybe better to hang with people (& create own circles somehow) who think on the same level as you, and are more cautious. I’d also reccomend to not visit the ‘funky-smelling’ (so I have heard that exists, ew) places, but I sincerely am not sure if that might be as bad as I think.
And em, idk. Common sense, communication. An yes, sure -or rather, of course; I definitely encourage you to keep on conversating and being open about STD-testing.

I generally avoid people who are inconversant about this sort of talk.

I don’t know wheter true or not, but I do somehow intuitively feel like things can get exponentially bad in groups, when the mentalities are not, em... well idk. Maybe it’s me. Maybe i’m to cautious because it has affected me. Or maybe i’m thinking more reasonably and am less ‘tunnel-visioned’ about STD-transferrations. Anyhow, it’s up to others on how they like to interpret my words. I can only stress what I know and have read about.

Enjoy your journey anyhow of course.
Common sense sometimes might sometimes work better then just a rubber.

*Btw, many people are not even aware that they have HPV, and most don’t even know the slightest thing about it. Or they would, of course, not care to say.

Also, from my side, being stern about this matter to people does at half of the people not come through, the overall majority of mentalities about STD’s are um... in my opinion not close to that I would think to be an healthy mentality.

So um, yeah.. the whole structure of dating has exponentially grown to different specific vectors too - if I can put it that way. And with that, so do all values, norms and idea’s of it in major groups or rather the whole society, follow.
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Oh my god that’s a huge message. But i’m kind of mentally ready to be called a nut-case.
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Pretty much every cervix that has sex will become infected with HPV at some point. Most of the time the immune system clears it out. Getting a smear test every year after becoming sexually active is important to prevent HPV infections from becoming cancerous. Getting the Gardasil9 vaccine is very important too. Regarding number and quality of partners and play establishments I have to say, hey live your life. Enjoy your time being alive. Get the vaccine, get a smear test yearly, use condoms and barriers if you’re still concerned. Keep in mind that HPV is responsible for a wart on a finger or arm too. Some strains of the virus prefer squamous tissue in the cervix. HPV is everywhere. Prevention is easy. Swiss doctors do not take HPV seriously. Insist that your doctor does or find a new doctor.
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