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Atmosphere in SexKinos
I have a question: can someone who has been there tell me about the Sex Kinos in Frankfurt and in Munich? Do real women visit them? Are there any spontaneous gang bangs, as one sees in the videos on the Internet? If one goes to a glory hole, how likely is it to find a female on the other side? I am asking because from what little I found in various Forums (not here), it seems that these Kinos are mainly for TS and the gay crowd. What was your experience? I see Sex Supermarket, Josefine, Woxxx, and Jerome in Frankfurt, and some more in Munich. If any of them are worth visiting for a heterosexual male, which ones would you recommend? Thank you in advance!
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Hi , I was in the Munich Kino . Take my advice and hold your money . Only guys except lady serving drinks
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It probably happens occasionally (we have been known to pop in) but not very often. Unless there is some form of filter on guys entering it's unlikely the vibe will be very woman-friendly.
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Your best bet is to look at the "Dates & Events" section on this site and watch out for any events at nearby Sex Kinos where Couples or Ladies will attend. Alternatively you join a specific group also on this site related to Sex Kinos and/or Gloryholes. Here you can also see if for example a couple announces they will be a certain places. Obviously if you are not good in German these options may be difficult.

Just turning up... is a lottery, 90% of the time it will be just guys.

I would also suggest that the videos you see on the internet of "spontaneous" gang bangs are also not as "spontaneous" as they make them out to be.
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I've been to a few, in various european cities. As already mentioned ... it is a lottery as to whether females or couples are present. It has happened! *oh2* but there will always be a 'wolf pack' of men trying to get some action!
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