What to expect from Kinky parties?

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What to expect from Kinky parties?
I've been in swingers club several times but never been at kinky/dance/erotic parties. Can you tell me difference and what to expect from those kind of parties?
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I've never been to a swinger club. But I'm a regular at kinky dance parties. People wear fetish outfits. Dance. Alone or with partners, or in groups. Lots of laughter, grooving, touching, talking, kissing, fingering, sucking... The venues have little separees with beds, couches, where people get sexually active. And a bdsm area. So, it's basically clubbing, with sexual pleasure.
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Hi everyone how are you. I hope everyone feels good, I don't have idea about joyclub
Please let me know about that
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Well. You have the people, who look for normal dates, who look for fuck dates... And have a great time... Then u have the people, who write and sext and fantasize, but never really meet people. They make dates, but don't show up. I've gotton to know many cool people here. And learned to appreciate different fetisches that people have. I was shocked about many things when I first got into joy 6 yrs ago. So. Enjoy.
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We've visited some swinger clubs in the past, but for various reasons, we didn't like the 'swinger-thing' at all.

So we've decided to give kinky dance parties a try - and we were absolutely thrilled and fascinated!
The atmosphere and people we met were so friendly, open minded and tolerant. It felt like a separated universe of love and joy (we're not into illegal substances tho *traenenlach*).

Almost every event we know in this context wants to provide a safe space for everyone.
So you should be a respectful person who doesn't judge others due to any beliefs, preferences or opinions that don't fit your own mindset.
If you are, you'll have the chance to meet a bunch of wonderful, colorful, peaceful and cheerful people and have a fantastic time! *regenbogen*

Another difference to swinger clubs is that the outfits are often very imaginative and elaborate. Of course it depends on the specific event, but strict dress codes are usual.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

Kind regards from the female part of the couple 🙃
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I've also been to a swinger's party. I once watched a Links for members only erotic party. I want to go to a similar party. There are a lot of interesting things there!
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