Heading to berlin in April

Heading to berlin in April
Hi im heading to Berlin in April. Is there any clubs that are recommended?
*********ie354 Man
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I think you should visit Dublin instead 😋
But in Berlin Avarus is quite good..
*********Laird Man
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'Insomnia' and if you are there at the end of April (27th) look for House of Lunacy, usually held in Renate they do the most fantastic 'theme' nights with lots of dancing and... *zwinker*.
But of course there is always Kitkat....
Thank you. Are there more dark fetish kind of clubs?
*********anger Man
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When r u planning to be there? Berlin is my favorite sexation spot so I can try and recommend the best parties....
****zy Man
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You will find better clubs in Berlin than in SF. My rank is 1. Avarus 2-Insomnia 3-Kultur House for Fetish
*******3088 Man
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