Have you had an "energetic" orgasm?

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Have you had an "energetic" orgasm?
Have you ever had a full body, dry, no genital touch orgasm? I have been experimenting with different methods of achieving and my mind .....is .....blown. Tell me your delicious experiences.

Have you solo imagined your way to orgasm or perhaps someone has made you cum just using words!
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Yeah, sound, movement and touch with the right quality gets me there.
Yes it is really an incredible experience, breath, sound and movement will get you there.

It can also become another thing to get fixated on, like a peak orgasm. I have to remember to come back to the unknown, the mystery, and let myself be surprised.
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Tantra and Taoism, breath, movement and presence.. transcending....kundalini moves up the spine to the higher chakras ...it's magical for me although I have very intense orgasm generally but this is the ooh la la
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Love reading the comments here on this thread. I feel sometimes in my meditation the energy rising up like in a full-body orgasm but I definetly have better control on gettting this typ of orgasms when I do use genital stimulation. I even develoed a 5-step method and tested it on quite a lot of men on how to learn to have such experiences. If you are curious about that drop me a message or check my coaching profile here in JoyClub☀
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Hi there,

I do love the energetical orgasms! Once I had one after giving a meridian massage to a person and just felt the energy rush through my body! Sometimes when I cycle my sexual energy a lot through masturbation then it is easy to tap into the orgasmic energy and just let it flow through my body. No touch needed. Just enjoying it to move around. Nature is a big turn on for me. It relaxes me and makes me feel happy. Always a plus when cycling orgasmic energy! Love the hint to Tao, movement and breathing- those are definetly practices I include when self-pleasuring! Much love, Anna
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