Birmingham fun city, let's make it the best

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Birmingham fun city, let's make it the best
I'm looking for like-minded people to set up a club in Birmingham U.K. so that like-minded people can exchange details and have fun Nights for the future and we can set up a confidential data base to make life easier to connect, I have real trouble sifting through the junk and computer generated bull to get connections, by the time I get anywhere it's just too late, so anyone in And around Birmingham leave a message and we'll get something sorted that helps us all to our ultimate goal *zwinker*
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Have you seen things such as the Birmingham Midweek Munch ?
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Im keen... I live in Brighton, but am happy to travel and host \ accommodate... Thanks.. Nick
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I'm in Birmingham. I'm a Widower now but my wife and I were swingers together for over 20 years.
I'm looking for a new female "playmate" to team up with & get back into the scene with.
( Never been a solo player)

If you think I can help, give me a shout.
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