Avarus 2023 - What to expect?

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Avarus 2023 - What to expect?
Can’t find any recent threads on Avarus. Hope to visit the club in September ( we are an Irish couple) A couple of questions. What exactly happens when the chocolate party takes place. My wife is a little nervous and only wants to stay as a couple - it wbe our first visit to a swingerclub and we want to ease into the CTscene. Is there a lot of mutual touching in the chocolate party - a little would possibly be fine or is it more full on. AGain any other recent relevant advice would be great Thanks can’t wait to visit Berlin
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Honestly wish I could there you I'm actually new to the area
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@**********Lover Avarus is a club in Berlin. According to your other posts and to your location, you're notwhere nere that area, recently or otherwise. So if you can't say anything, maybe just don't? *zwinker*
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I just recently visited the club's chocolate night after a few years - the event is still a fantastic experience!
On the those nights there's just an additional kick to the usual atmosphere of a swinger club: you get to touch a lot of wet skin, in this steambath there's no/less social barrier that keeps you from initiating contact to others which in my experience can be difficult on a barstool/sofa.
Hope, this helps - otherwise: keep asking! *bussi*
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