Second time couple - first in Vienna - thoughts to Berlin

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Second time couple - first in Vienna - thoughts to Berlin
Hi all,

We attended an unusual event for us, a party called CMTF. As newbies, we found the overall experience quite enjoyable, although taking women to a party where they are half-naked might not be appealing to everyone, my wife and I found it to be an interesting experience that gave us a lot to talk about before and, after.

It helped break the ice for us. We went with the intention of just observing, but we were open-minded to some extent.
We had expected to see more displays of affection at the bar area, but it turned out that most of the action was in the rooms next to the bar. We were one of the few couples showing affection at the bar area, but we were hoping for a more open and loving atmosphere outside the rooms.

we had a great time and enjoyed ourselves back at the hotel.

Now, we are planning to attend our second party and would love some recommendations.

There are two parties in Berlin:

La Jolie - Das Leben ist schön Sachsen III Schkeudi - This seems to be a costume party.
LA JOLIE Das Leben ist schön! (Sachsen) - III

20er Jahre FKK Party mit Live Musik Osternienburg - This appears to be a fancy party with a 1920s theme for the first two hours.
20er Jahre FKK-Party mit Live Musik

We are flying to Berlin specifically for this event, as my wife prefers not to attend such events in our country.

Could you recommend which party might be best for us based on our previous experience? Also, do you have any tips on how we can improve our experience at these parties?

Note: If you reply in German, please keep it simple so I can use the translate option.

Thank you!
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It took me a few tries to figure out you meant clothed male topless female.

The two parties you linked are quite a bit outside Berlin.

Why not try a swinger place like Avarus on a Saturday night that is for couples and extra males? Lots of English speakers. She can dress topless or as you please as long as it is sexy. It’s in Berlin.
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Quote from *********life:
Why not try a swinger place like Avarus on a Saturday night .
Thank you for your answer.
1st, I don't know places. I'm just searching through this website and looking for events that are more than 20 couples, we don't want to be in a place where there are only 2 couples and it would force us to do something or feel a bit tight.
2nd. We don't have any bad thoughts about naked but again, I think that at this point... We just want to observe the overall situation.

• my original post with more data was not approved, so I had to cut and edit it and not mention some parts that (for me, were crucial for this post)
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Got it. Avarus is pretty ok. They have at least 20 couples on a Saturday night. You do what you want or observe. Couches to chat up people and also a bar. There is a jacuzzi and sauna as well.
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I did not know the acronym CMTF so far. So if laugh_at_life's interpretation is correct then I think I would like such an event.

However, I had the chance to participate with my partner CMNF events and both of us did very much enjoy it. So in this direction, if I would need to make a choice between CMTF and CMNF I would go for the later.

I would be actually interested in CFNM events, too. However, they are rather rare and always tend to go into the direction of BDSM which is not that much what I would be looking for. Although in CMNF events also do have a bit of a touch of BDSM it is not that strong and pure admiration of female nudity is in the front (at least what my experience concerns). I would appreciate if CFNM events with such a flavor would be around ...
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Подскажите клубы в Германии(Баден Бадене)
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