What are your bondage stories and experiences?

Have you been tied before?

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What are your bondage stories and experiences?
This upcoming Thursday I will share my personal approach to Shibari in an intimate 1-1 session with @********bido during our livestream: Shibari Close-Up with Anna & April
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Prior to that I wanted to ask the community about your experiences with bondage, or rope bondage in particular. I am keen to pass on my knowledge if I know a little bit more where you're coming from. I would love you to reply to my little survey so I can direct it better at you going forward!
PS. If you're up for more there is my Shibari group you can join if you're in the UK Shibari UK
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I would just like to learn more cause I enjoy artistry of it all. I've only practiced on myself and in small capacities (tied my arm, wrist, leg.)
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I was at some trial evenings from the Secret_56. They explained what kind of materials the ropes can have what to look out for and some basic knots. One of the women was so nice and let me tie her up (atleast the upper body). So I was able to do my first steps in the shibari world. She also tied me afterwards as I wanted to know how it feels being tied up. I myself want to know how something feels before I can suggest to do it to someone else. Since that evening I am searching for a shibari Partner as I want to experience more of this wonderful art.
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