How do you navigate through the world of kink?

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How do you navigate through the world of kink?
Hey JOYclubers,

the world of kink is seemingly endless, and no one is sure where it even starts. So it's easy to get lost in it!

Luckily, we have an expert on board: Divine Theratrix knows her way in this world and we are happy that they're not shy to share their knowledge with us! Check out their new video tutorial all around the topic of kink, consent & co, and enjoy the little demonstration *zwinker* Watch it now!

What about you: what helped you navigate the world of kink? Did you dive in head first or did you do your research before going in?

Feel free to share all your thoughts with us below *blume*
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I am just starting to feel present in life. All the kinks I have I have adressed philosophically and politically lately, I have not liked. But trying to build myself and my masculinity from scratch U have learnt to be more free and to start navigating more comfortably through my kinks, o matter how hardcore or vanilla they may be.
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