Interracial Couples

This group looks to encourage contributions and experiences from couples only who meet the following criteria:
- Two people from different racial backgrounds for example black, white, asian, latino or a mix who become a couple.
- Have a joint profile that clearly shows they are multi-racial.

We are fully inclusive regardless of your sexual orientation or preferences. What we hope is to read about the difficulties and issues of being a multi-racial couple in modern society and how you have coped with it. Any regrets or wish you never met or does it make you stronger? How are you treated in your daily life? Will a day ever come where you are treated and seen as normal? All these and more we hope to know so please come forward and register your membership!!!


**********ite36 Couple
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Glad to be here
Hello Everyone,

We are Sara and Steven. Wanted to say thanks for the invite. We like the purpose and principles of this group already and think we will all find many things to bond over. Have a great Sunday.
Threads & languages/ Threads & Sprachen
English below

Wir gestalten diese Gruppe bewusst zweisprachig.
Es steht aber jedem frei, ihren Thread in der Sprache zu starten, die einem leichter fällt.
Ebenso darf jeder in der Sprache antworten die ihm leichter fällt. Ich denke wir werden uns verstehen und zur Not gibt es ja noch google Translate *zwinker*
Bei Unsicherheiten ob man den Text richtig verstanden hat, habt bitte keine Scheu zu fragen *g*


We deliberately create this group in two languages.
However, everyone is free to start their thread in the language that is easier for them.
Likewise, everyone can answer in the language that is easier for them. I think we will get along and if need there is google translate *zwinker*
If you are unsure whether you have understood the text correctly, please do not hesitate to ask *g*
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