Please note that our support team can only answer queries in English and German.
Before contacting us, please take a look here to see if your question has already been answered.
You can change your username here
You can change your date of birth here

If you wish to change your sex, we need a good reason for the change.Make sure you consider your decision carefully.

Warning: If you change your sex, you must submit a new video verification!

Request a sex change now

Please use the forgotten password function to set a new password.

All you need is access to the email address you registered with where you’ll receive a message from us. This will include a link to reset your password.
You can change your password at any time here in the profile management.
Your profile content should meet the following guidelines:

  • Personal qualities, meaningful descriptions
  • Sophisticated and stylish text
  • Avoid explicit language, comply with measures for the protection of minors
  • No dummy text
Note:Use our text editor to format your texts and break them up with emoticons.

Specials, e.g., roses, kisses or owls, are playful gifts that you can send to other members as a little treat or to express something beyond words.

What happens when I send a special?

Specials are more than just ClubMail attachments: They change the recipient’s profile. The special will appear as a small image in the recipient’s profile picture. Moreover, the background of their profile will also change. For example, when you gift a rose, the background changes from black to “rosy”.

There are some specials that can be sent at any time on JOYclub and some that can only be sent on certain holidays or for other occasions.

How do I send a special?

When writing a ClubMail, you will find a menu of specials above the text box. Click on the desired special to see how much it costs. Once you've sent your ClubMail, the recipient receives a special ClubMail.

You can change the special by clicking on another option. If you decide you don’t want to send a special, you can remove it two ways:

  • by clicking on the “X” in the special preview menu
  • by clicking on the special attachment (to the right of the text box)

Note: While some specials are free, others will cost you coins. You can find more information about coins & specials here. You cannot send any special to any member, e.g., sending kisses is reserved for friends only.

How do I see who has sent me a special?

You will be notified via ClubMail when you receive a special. Next to the ClubMail sender, you will find a small special symbol that depicts which special they've sent you. If you delete the message, you won’t be able to see who sent you the special.

Overview of specials: rose, kiss, owl and more

The rose

Roses have long been a symbol of love and friendship. If someone sends you a rose, they want to bring you joy and show they fancy you.

The kiss

You can only send kisses to members on your friends list. After all, good friends give each other kisses.

The smile

You can send someone a smile for 50 coins. This gives the recipient a charming smiling lady in the background of their profile for 24 hours.

The birthday cake

The birthday cake appears automatically on your profile when it’s your birthday as long as you haven’t hidden your date of birth in your privacy settings. It cannot be sent via ClubMail.

Sparkling wine

If it’s your birthday (and it’s not hidden from your profile), you can send or receive glasses of sparkling wine to or from your contacts.

The bee

JOYclub moderators and group moderators can send bees to particularly active group members.Regular members cannot send bees.

The owl

Chat moderators can send owls to particularly attentive members to thank them for their contributions.Regular members cannot send owls.

The harp

Our JOY Angels may send an angelic harp to thank members for their tireless and voluntary dedication to keeping a forum more pleasant.Regular members cannot send harps.

The donkey

The JOY team sends cuddly donkeys to particularly ambitious members. Normal members cannot send donkeys.

Time-sensitive specials

Every day, certain specials will become available at specific times.

Midnight ghost

The midnight ghost haunts JOYclub for an hour after midnight every night.

The early bird

The early bird flutters through JOYclub every morning between the hours of 4 and 7am.

The morning coffee

You can send a fresh cup of coffee with your ClubMail every morning from 7 to 9am.

The good-night star

You can send a good-night star every evening between 11pm and midnight to ensure the recipient has sweet dreams.

Event-related specials

Specials that can only be sent on particular occasions.

The full moon

Only available on the evening of the full moon – invites someone to dance in the moonlight.

Note:There are other seasonal or event-related specials, such as a sun to mark the first day of summer.

If you select Invisible mode, your online status will be hidden, meaning you can browse JOYclub at ease.Your profile visits will not be shown.You can also hide your last login details.
You can choose whether you want to be invisible to all members, or just let your friends see you.
You have two options for being invisible to other members:

  • You can select “Hide online status” when you log in. When you start entering your username, the checkbox will appear automatically and the function can be activated by ticking the box.
  • If you’re already online, you can set your online status directly in the navigation menu. Click on the menu button, top right. Here, you can click on the appropriate option and change your online status.

Invisible mode is exclusively for our Premium members.
Note: Invisible mode only applies to the duration of one session and will be affected by standby mode when browsing on your mobile.

White tick mark

This user has been successfully verified via the authentication check

Green tick mark

In addition to completing the authentication check, this user was marked by 5 other verified members as a personal contact.

Red tick mark

This user is a VIP member. They have demonstrated their authenticity by extensive contributions to the JOYclub community.

You can link to a JOYclub profile by prefixing the username with the @ sign.It looks like this: @Lara_JOY

This is how it looks once it’s been converted: @Lara_JOY

If you want to temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your profile, you will find both options under profile management and “miscellaneous”. Please note that deleted profiles cannot be recovered.

To delete a photo, simply click on the desired photo in the photo management window. You can delete it by selecting the delete button (grey, bottom right).

You can delete entire albums by selecting “Edit album” from the menu and then “Delete album and all album photos”.

You can delete your photos here.

If a photo was declined, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • Photos of children or teenagers are completely taboo. Please understand that as an erotic community, we do not allow any reference to sex and children, even in the most remote sense.
  • Contact details (email addresses, phone numbers, messenger usernames, apps) are not allowed.
  • Images glorifying violence, radical ideas or serious threats and injuries are not permitted. Likewise, we do not allow weapons aimed directly at the camera.
  • We ask you to refrain from depicting caviar games or other extreme fetishes.
  • Due to the encrypted nature of QR codes and bar codes, and the associated efforts involved with checking linked content, we do not allow them in photos.

Note:Exceptions may be granted for special types of posts, such as those by photographers or artists.

There are several reasons why you might be unable to view images.

Virus scanner/Ad blocker

There are known issues with some virus scanners and ad blockers. Do you have a firewall or virus scanner that also filters adverts (e.g., Norton or ZoneAlarm)? This type of software may treat our images as adverts and filter them out. Try deactivating your virus scanner and ad blocker temporarily and clearing your browser cache to test whether you can view photo albums.

Blocked photo server

When using Firefox, you may accidentally block our photo server. To unblock the server, right click on an empty portion of the JOYclub website and select “Show site information”.
A new window will open. Select “Media” and then click on an image from “…”. Beneath the list, there will be a tick box that reads “Block images from”. Make sure the box is not ticked and then check the other pieces of media.

The gallery features photos that have left a certain impression on our moderators. There are a number of factors taken into account when selecting photos for the gallery.

Some basic considerations include photo quality and photo content. Is it a themed photo? Is the scene particularly stylish? Is the lighting particularly good? Does it stand out? The gallery features high-quality and tasteful images hand selected by moderators.

Go to the gallery.

There are a number of ways to manage your messages on your personal ClubMail page. Use these options to sort, mark or archive your messages, as well as make notes.

Manage ClubMail inbox

You can archive ClubMail by clicking on the “X”. If you didn’t mean to move a message or conversation to the archive, select the “Undo?” button.

Mark ClubMail as read or unread

To mark a ClubMail as read, click the red badge on the message in your mailbox.
To mark a message as unread, click the ring.

Tag, delete or report ClubMail

You can find this function in the options menu. Click on the small arrow located next to the time stamp of the ClubMail message and the menu will open. Select the appropriate option: Tag, delete or report the message to support.
Note: Tagged ClubMail will remain in your inbox and will not be automatically deleted. If you manually delete a tagged message from your inbox, it will also disappear from “Tagged ClubMail”.

Remove or delete group ClubMail

You can move a ClubMail group from your inbox to the archive or permanently delete it by clicking on the gear symbol on the contact box and selecting the appropriate option.

ClubMail symbols

ClubMail symbols are displayed in front of every subject line and tell you the status of the message. Unread messages are listed in grey.


Unread - There is one or more new message in this conversation. The number indicates how many new messages you have.

Mark as unread – You can mark a message as unread with a single click.

Remove - You can move a message to the archive with a single click.

Undo archiving – You can move the message back to your inbox with a single click.

Unread by recipient - The recipient has not read this message yet.

Read by recipient - The recipient has already read this message.

Create, edit and delete ClubMail labels

ClubMail labels help you sort and tag messages according to topic or person. The ClubMail in your inbox will be automatically deleted after one year, but depending on your membership type, you can tag a certain number of ClubMail messages and keep them permanently.

1. Create a ClubMail label

To create a ClubMail label, click on “Tagged ClubMail” on the left side of the inbox and select “+”. A new page will open. You can give the label a name, position and select a colour.

2. Edit/Delete a ClubMail label

To edit or delete a ClubMail label, first open the label and then click on the pencil symbol that will be displayed.This will open a new page.You can enter the name of the label and determine where it should fit into your list of labels.
There is also a “Delete” button, bottom right.To delete the label, just click on the button and confirm the deletion.

Note:The number of labels you can create and the number of ClubMails you can permanently tag depend on your membership type.

Your own labels
Basic: 1
Plus: 1
Premium: 10

taggable ClubMails
Basic: 5
Plus: 5
Premium: 100

Find out more about your membership type in our membership overview, top left.

Filter ClubMail

You can filter your ClubMail by labels and contacts. You can create personal folders in the contact management area.

Search for conversations

If you're looking for a conversation with a particular member, you can enter their name in the search field located at the bottom of the left-hand menu. If you can’t think of the member’s full name, enter the first few letters.


You can move any messages to the archive that you don’t want in your inbox. They will be stored for one year.
Note: The one-year archival time period is for Premium members.


Templates allow you to make note of important information directly on your ClubMail page.For example, you can draft ClubMail messages to be sent later or write yourself reminders.You also have the option of specifying a time for the reminder.We will send you a reminder ClubMail based on your settings.

You can find the template function at the bottom of the left menu bar on your ClubMail page.This lets you create new templates or view all existing templates.

Note:Templates are not public and can only be viewed by you.

Who can receive ClubMail?

Every member, regardless of whether they have a free or paid membership, can receive and reply to ClubMail.

However, the ability to initiate ClubMail conversations is reserved for Plus and Premium members only. You may be able to write to some moderators and friends without a Plus or Premium membership.

You can find out more information about the types of membership and their benefits in our membership overview.

Note: Women, couples, photographers, models and artists receive free Plus membership and discounted Premium membership once they successfully complete the video verification process.

Business profile – fully registered business profiles may also be eligible for membership discounts. The profile owner must complete the authentication check for businesses.

To whom can I send ClubMail?

You can send ClubMail to any JOYclub member. Exceptions to this rule are members you are currently ignoring or members you have temporarily deactivated their accounts.

However, you should only write to members who would like to receive messages from you. The first place to check for this information is the profile description. Read the “Looking for” section to help you decide whether to write someone. Please respect these guidelines, e.g. men shouldn’t write to women who are only looking for contact with other women.

According to current laws, all media providers – including JOYclub – must ensure that potentially harmful content cannot be accessed by minors. It is therefore essential that you confirm your age using the over-18 verification check and re-enter your password every time you log in.

Legislators prescribe several possible age verification systems.

On JOYclub, you can take part in a free video verification check from the comfort of your own home. This simultaneously verifies your age and authenticity. Other members will be able to see that you've completed the voluntary check and thus are assured that you are a real person.

Tip: The age verification check is permanent. Once you've successfully passed, you will have continued access to over-18 content if you are a Premium member.

The process takes place entirely online. It’s quick (approx. 2 minutes) and free. We review the validity of your profile information (gender, age, etc.) and age using a video recording.

Your information is protected in line with our TÜV-certified data protection standards. The data is stored on servers located in Germany for a short period of time. Once the review is complete, the video recording, which is only accessible to members of the JOY team, will be permanently deleted. The data is not forwarded to third parties.

The video verification can be completed in a few easy steps. All you need is an Internet connection and a webcam or smartphone camera.

  • Step 1: Accessing the video verification. This page explains the verification process. Please read this page carefully so that the subsequent video can be recorded without any problems.
  • Step 2: Complete the preparations according to the instructions. If you are verifying as a couple, both of you should to be visible in the video.
  • Step 3: In order to quickly carry out the verification, please ensure your camera lens is clean and you are recording in a well-lit area. You should set the recording on your device to the highest quality possible.
  • Step 4: Once you have made a recording of yourself, you can submit it for verification or re-record if needed.
  • Step 5: The JOY Team is now checking your video. If you meet all the video requirements and we are able to ascertain from the video that you are of legal age, then your age and authenticity will be confirmed. (We reserve the right to ask you to provide proof of identity if there is any doubt about your age or authenticity.)

Congrats! If all goes well, you will now have access to over-18 content and enjoy the benefits of being a more trustworthy verified member.

Confirming your age with the video verification is free and permanent as a Premium member. That means you won’t be asked to re-do the check periodically, even if you haven’t booked a Premium membership.

JOYclub has no say in and is not responsible for any charges resulting from the transfer of Internet data.

We know you’re not always thrilled about every ClubMail and don’t want everyone to have access to your profile.That’s why we give you the option of ignoring other members.

If you ignore a member, we will block all direct contact options:The member will be unable to view your profile or photos and cannot make contact with you, whether via ClubMail or by posting on your wall.

However, they will be able to reply to your posts in public areas, such as forums.

Here’s how to ignore someone:

To ignore a member, first go to My contacts.There, you will see Ignored members on the left-hand side.

Simply enter the name of the member you want to ignore and click on “Block member”.This will only work if the member is bookmarked.Once you have saved your entry in the following window, the ignored contact will no longer have access to your profile.

Here’s how to ignore members who are ignoring you already:

It is of course possible to ignore one another.If you open the profile of a member who is already ignoring you, you will see a short message telling you about this instead of the normal profile view.At the bottom of this message, click on the “Ignore” button to ignore them back.You will now be ignoring one another.

Note:The member will only know you are ignoring them if they actively try to access your profile.

Here’s how to unblock ignored members:

To unblock an ignored member, first open My contacts.Click on Ignored members on the left-hand side.You will see a list of all the members you are currently ignoring.Click on the pencil symbol to the right of the member’s name and a new window will open.Simply remove the tick mark next to Ignored members and save the changes.The member will no longer be ignored.

There are three different ways to edit your contacts:

1. Quick edits via the edit buttons

You’ll find edit buttons on the right side of the contact overview. You can quickly and easily adjust all the important parameters for your contacts using these buttons. With just one click, you can also write your contacts ClubMails or open a more detailed overview.

2. Detailed editing of individual contacts

In addition to the actions available with the quick edit buttons, the detailed contact overview allows you the option of making notes for each individual contact and saving their information into folders.

3. Edit several contacts at the same time

You also have the ability to edit multiple contacts at once. You can either edit all your contacts or all the contacts in a specific folder.

You can also make bulk changes:
Go to the bottom of the “My contacts” page and clicking on “Edit list” to edit all contacts. You can edit contacts in individual folders by selecting a folder in “My contacts” and then clicking on “Edit list” below the list of all the contacts in that folder.

Here’s how to make bulk changes:
Once you’ve clicked on “Edit list”, the following window will open.

You can edit several contacts at once by ticking the boxes next to their usernames. Then, from the bottom right, select one of the following actions to apply to all the selected contacts:
  • Add the selected contacts to one of your folders
  • Delete the selected contacts
  • Display the selected contacts on your wall
  • View the selected contacts in Messenger

You cannot cancel a rating, but you can change it.

To change your rating, visit the profile of the member in question. You will find the rating option in the main navigation panel, which will display your current selection. To change your rating, simply click on the response you would like to change it to.

To remove members from your match list, you must change their positive rating to a neural or negative rating. To do so, visit the profile of the member in question and click in the upper right to choose a new rating.

What can I do with coins?

Coins allow you to ClubMail specials to messages, send quick “express” mails or promote your dates so they are seen by more users. You can find out more about how coins work and your current coin balance here.

How do I buy coins?

Ran out of coins and need to top up? You can purchase coins via credit card, direct debit or bank transfer here.

How do I give coins away?

Want to surprise a good friend with some extra coins? No problem! You can buy a coin voucher in the JOYclub fan shop. How can I redeem a coin voucher?
Did you receive a voucher for coins? You can redeem your voucher here and use the coins straight away.

Please ensure you redeem all vouchers on the voucher page if it isn’t a birthday voucher or Premium voucher from the support team.

If you receive an error message, please check that you've entered the voucher code correctly. You may have entered it incorrectly or made a typo. If you've copied and pasted the code, make sure you haven’t accidentally added a space before or after.

Birthday voucher

Please redeem your birthday voucher directly via the ClubMail link you received so we can credit you an extra month.

Premium voucher

Redeem this voucher once your current membership has been cancelled or expired. This is the only way to take full advantage of the voucher.

Note:Archive the ClubMail with the voucher code so it won’t be deleted after 30 days.Find out how to archive ClubMails here.

The protection of minors is very important to us!This is why we only allow access to content that may be harmful to minors after users have verified their age using a legally valid process as governed by applicable German law.We carry out the verification by means of an over-18 check.

JOYclub is registered in Germany by choice and complies with all applicable laws accordingly. To ensure compliance, we have set up some simple rules to restrict access to certain content using a protection-of-minors system.

In order to make a transparent and fair system, we've come up with clear and simple guidelines to protect minors on our website; we acknowledge these may be somewhat stricter than necessary at times. This also helps ensure we maintain our identity as a tasteful erotic platform.

Please consider how texts, images, videos and other content could impact minors who are just beginning to explore sexually. Also, take into account that individuals have quite diverse sexual histories and experiences. What may be harmless to one person, may cross someone else’s boundaries.

While some may be able to perform an act with ease, others cannot do so without causing themselves or others serious physical or psychological harm. For these reasons, we hope you can understand why certain content must be classified as over-18. This content can only be accessed by members who have successfully completed a video verification.

Please don’t take over-18 classification personally.

You need to protect minors from accessing:

  • Clearly visible genitalia
  • Clear images of sex
  • Images of cum (whether on a body, face, clothes or objects)
  • Clear images of Nazi/radical practices
  • Hard S&M practices
  • Open wounds
  • Anything that goes under the skin (needles, cutting)
  • Practices that can cause permanent damage
  • Hand prints, welts and bruises

We generally decline:

  • Images of caviar play in any form
  • Brutal violence or glorification thereof
  • Rape scenes
  • Scenes in which a person is seriously threatened or injured
  • Scenes with weapons pointing at the viewer
  • Self-mutilation and other deliberate injuries (e.g., borderline)
  • Other “special” fetishes

We generally approve:

  • Images with blurred genitalia
  • Partially visible genitalia if they are not the primary focus of the image or they are part of an artistic body landscape
  • Anything that “hints” at genitalia

You need to protect minors from accessing:

  • Written descriptions of explicit sexual acts
  • Particularly intense descriptions of genitalia or their use during sex acts
  • Sexual violence and forms of humiliation
  • Extreme practices such as electrical stimulation, vaginal stretching, caviar, etc.
  • Erotic stories with vulgar language or explicit details

We generally try to classify all content published on our website as harmless to minors or as over-18 content, and occasionally as not permitted. Our moderators are only human and thus, some things slip by. If you come across content that you think is incorrectly labelled, please report it to the moderator team. You can do this directly via the button near the content or via a general support query.

Text layout


You've probably noticed that we like using a lot of emoticons. You’ll find an emoticon for just about any occasion. To access the list of emoticons, click on “Emoticon list” at the bottom right of the text box and browse through your options. The list is also searchable.

Text formatting

You can use the following commands for formatting texts:

  • [b]bold text[/b] or *bold text*
  • [u]underlined text[/u] or +underlined text+
  • [i]italic text[/i] or _italic text_
  • [quote] quote[/quote]
  • [size=10]text size[/size]
  • [color=red]text colour[/color]

Note:To make reading as pleasant as possible for other members, please be mindful when you format your text and avoid writing in all caps, as this makes it look like you’re yelling.


To add a link, simply copy and paste the web address in the text. Internal links to other JOYclub pages will be automatically recognised by our system and replaced by a title. Please follow our rules of play in regards to external links.


To add a photo to your post, click on “Attach photo” located beneath the post and select the photo file from your computer. You now have two options:

1. Click on “Save post” and the photo will be automatically attached to the end of the post.
2. Click on “Preview”. This will create an image code located beneath the preview image. Copy this code and paste it into the desired place within your post. Then select “Save post”.

This allows you to add a photo between sections of text and to add a caption.


You can easily add videos to your posts by copy and pasting the link into your text. Videos from YouTube are automatically embedded in your post once it’s been saved and published. This feature does not show up in preview mode.

Content that doesn’t belong in the forum

Our forum is a public space and the JOY team is responsible for the content accessible there. Some content is unsuitable for forum discussions. This includes:

  • Support requests, fake discussions, criticism or suggestions for improvement. Please contact our support team directly for this.
  • Private stories that aren’t relevant to other members and are not a basis for discussion
  • Fund-raisers, petitions and appeals
  • Incitement, opinion-forming and conspiracy theories
  • Illegal offers or topics we classify as taboo
  • Posts of an obviously advertising nature
  • Requests for contacts and dates – please create a date search for this
  • Topics that publicly criticise other members or third parties
  • Buyer/seller posts
  • Games such as Date or Next, association chains, etc.
  • Requests on behalf of third parties
  • Job searches/offers

Solving technical problems

Most issues can be solved with the following measures:

  • Clear browser cache
  • Delete browser cookies
  • Complete the technical check and note the results: Go to technical check
  • Avoid using an outdated browsers or try a different browser:
    Try using Chrome
    Try using Firefox
  • Temporarily deactivate virus scanners, ad blockers, pop-up blockers and/or password managers (be sure to reactivate your virus scanner afterwards.)

If the whole site is appearing smaller, you've likely changed the zoom function on your browser. Please reset the zoom function to revert to the normal view. You can typically do this in your browser settings or by pressing “STRG+0 (zero)”.

The means to reporting violations depend on where you've accessed the questionable content. Please fill out the entire support form and click on “Send query”.


You can find a small white arrow next to the time stamp on ClubMail messages; click on the arrow to open an options menu and select “Report to support”.

Photos & videos

You can find “Report photo” or “Report video” links beneath the “Like” button under photos and videos.


You can find a small white arrow next to the time stamp on posts; click on the arrow and select “Report post”.


You can find the link “Report profile” on the left in the navigation panel.


You can find the note “Report event” at the very bottom of the even page.

Contact support

You can contact the support team using the following link: Contact support.

Send message to support

My name:
You are not logged in. We can only answer queries about your profile if you're logged in.
For queries.
Type of query:*
    There’s something I find great about JOYclub and I want to tell you about it. I have a constructive criticism about the community and want to share it with you.
    I have an idea that could improve our community and I want to share it with you.
    I have a question about payment processing or about my membership.
    I have a problem with my booking.
    I have a question about an event. Tip: Please send us a link to the event.
    I have a question or comment about the groups in JOYclub.
    I’m having technical difficulties using JOYclub and need assistance. The steps recommended in Technical check didn’t help. Tip: Please describe your issue in detail and send us the original error messages. If you cannot send this form, you can also reach us at .Go to the technical check
    I have an exciting idea for collaboration or interesting content that I’d like to share with you.
    My question does not fit into any other category. I couldn’t find an answer in the Help.
Please summarise your concerns.
If you received an error message, please copy it word for word in the adjacent field.
e.g., screenshots
* = Required field