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JOYclub is not responsible for texts and photos uploaded by members. The members are fully responsible for their activities, posts and content and are required to comply with all legal requirements. We do not tolerate any legal violations and cooperate fully with appropriate authorities.


If you recognise any copyright infringements on JOYclub, such as by the use of photos or text, please let us know using the 'Report image' or 'Report profile' buttons directly in the profile. You can also send our support team a link to the content. Please give evidence of your rights in the message so we can rectify the copyright infringement as quickly as possible. We help handle copyright infringements – even on our own part – quickly and constructively.
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Protection of minors

The protection of minors is a priority at JOYclub. We comply with all applicable laws in this area and act on any violations in text or photos posted by our members. If you find any content on JOYclub that is potentially harmful to children, please let us know by using the 'Report image' or 'Report profile' buttons. You can also send our support team a link to the problematic content. We will handle these violations in a quick and uncomplicated manner.
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Privacy policy

Any personal information provided to the operators via this website will not be given to third parties without the user’s express consent. The user is responsible for any information posted in public spaces, such as forums and chats, or in contact with other members.
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Questions about the website

You can find lots of information and answers to your questions at Help area. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to write a message to our support team:
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Questions about payment and subscription cancellation

Hotline: 02427 / 903 50 - 10
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Questions about payment and subscription cancellation

Legal notice

F&P GmbH, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 12, 04107 Leipzig
VAT ID DE219273003 HRB 3352AGHOF
Managing directors: Stefan Feig, Thomas Rauh, Oliver Zschau (responsible for content under German Press Law)

Help and support

Online support
Send email to support:
Press and collaborations: (no support)
Data protection and collaborations: (no support)

Youth Protection Officer pursuant to Section 7 of the JMStV (German Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media):

Marko Dörre, lawyer
Marienstraße 8, D-10117 Berlin
Tel: 030-400544-99 Fax: 030-400544-98

Authorised recipient pursuant to Section 5 of the NetzDG (German Network Enforcement Act):

F&P GmbH
Oliver Zschau
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 12, 04107 Leipzig

The JOYclub has subjected itself to a voluntary audit by the TÜV (German Technical Control Board) and been certified in line with the stringent requirements involved.


Editorial image sources:,,, and more.

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The European Union has set up an online platform (OS platform) for settling consumer disputes out of court. You can find the platform here:

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