Dating in London

The best places to meet and get to know each other

The heart beats faster before any first date. To make it less awkward and restrained it can be a great idea to do something more active together! Of course, there's nothing wrong with having a coffee, a glass of wine or a meal together, but talking from experience, it will make it easier for the both of you not to sit opposite and stare at each other forcing conversation. An activity will give you something to talk about, and therefore lead to more personal character insights. London is not short of places to do that, and some things are even free!

By Anna Kii

Dating in London

Anna Kii is the new JOYclub ambassador for the UK. She’s a German expat and has been based in London for 10 years, living and breathing all things kink and alternative lifestyle, as well as exploring art, shops and any other cool hang out spots London has to offer.

Complete stranger: Blind date with zero expectations

If you have no or little idea who you are going to meet, like a blind date, an outdoor spot is recommended, especially for safety reasons. Plus, it's always free, accessible and provides a neutral environment! Walk around together or get some tinnies and crisps from a supermarket and find a nice spot in the shade of a tree, spread yourself on a blanket and here you go. Fresh air and the buzzing vibe of a London summer day will encourage your conversation to flow. There is no limit to time and space and you can stay – or leave - whenever you want.


Culture lovers: Get a whiff of art

If you have had some conversation with your date beforehand and you've found that you share an interest in art, a museum visit is a great way to connect in a passionate way. The great thing about museums in London is that they are free, open most days and are usually surrounded by a nice park or garden with cafes or bars. Visiting a free exhibition won't tie you down and gives you room to float in and out. And: you're free to leave if the art is an eye-saw. A drink at the museum cafe afterwards will give you the chance to reflect on what you have seen together and reveal more personal details about each other.


Foodies: No one likes to go hungry

For the ones who enjoy the culinary delights in life but do not want to book a restaurant table on the first date, a stroll through a street food market is a great option. Pick and choose a dish from the various stalls from any imaginable cuisine in the world and go! There's a lot happening in these markets, different smells everywhere, great offers and seemingly endless possibilities. It can be fun to try something completely new together - and remember: sharing is caring!


Reveler: Would not say NO to a drink

You grasped that the other is not a tea total so the best place to hang out would be Soho.
Several streets lined with little bars and eateries, choose any, and you won’t go wrong. Soho is always buzzing with cool people open to all ages, gender and style. You will meet some unique characters who are legendary! Get tickets to a drag show in one of the many gay bars and cheer on gorgeous drag queens while singing along to classic tunes. After a full day of debauchery, take a tipsy cycle on a hire bike home. If your date has survived this, they are a keeper!

Some recommendations from yours truly:

  • Freedom Bar
  • The Friendly Society
  • Soho Theater

Handsy person: A curious do-er

How about learning or improving a skill together in a class or workshop? It may take some research and organisation, but once you've decided on an activity, the fun begins. The will to commit to a class shows interest and curiosity, which are great traits in a partner. There are many fun things one can do in London, such as exercising, baking, sushi rolling, cocktail making, dancing, live drawing classes,... the options are there, all you need to do is find the muse together! Take your creation home or try to apply your skills together later on to strengthen the bond.

Not into drawing? How about something else:

  • Bread Ahead Baking Class
  • Triyoga school

Do you have experience dating in London? And if so, what's your go-to-place for a first meet-up? Let us know in the forum!

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Dating in London

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