Queens of Dreams


Queens of Dreams

Queens of Dreams is a Femdom BDSM club with exclusive membership that creates opportunity for like-minded people to socialize and connect.

The purpose of Queens of Dreams is to create opportunities to get in contact and get to know other like-minded femdom couples during smaller and more intimate events. Whatever type of event there are always a total power exchange where women are completely superior to men. Queens of Dreams wants to attract the right members rather than a large number. We allow the number of members to grow selectively with a good distribution among couples, Dominas and men. Geographically, most of our events will take place in Stockholm and Östergötland, Sweden.

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Queens of Dreams

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Fotos de Queens of Dreams

We arrange at least 4 events per year. Each event have different time and places to meet. The price is based on cost and type of each event and therefore also different.

Eventos actuales de Queens of Dreams

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    Dinner for the Queens - Serve & obey
    sábado, 25.01.2020

    Dinner for the Queens - Serve & obey

    Norrköping, Suecia

    Queens of Dreams - Femdom club for members · Queens of Dreams invites to a dinner for the Queens the 25:th of january.

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