Société X

6041 Roermond, Niederlande
Société X

Société X

Eine verführerische Wendung der Realität

Societe X is Netherlands' most leading erotic event.
A exploration of hidden passions, sensuality and ultimate seduction.
Guests are granted access to experiences, that most will never know *zwinker*

Our guest list is a dream and we welcome selective guests with open arms. Couples and Ladies only.
We host our exclusive erotic events at unique locations, such as castles, boats and clubs in all kind of places in the Netherlands.
It’s all about enjoying yourself. We offer a lot of varied music entertainment, (live) music and acts during the night.

500 people only and since 2007 every event was sold out.
Visit Societe X and unlock the door to erotic freedom and enjoy the sweet taste of a hedonistic serving of forbidden fruit. Meet eachother and connect and to enjoy the one life you have to its fullest.

it’s relaxed, friendly, a lot of dance and lounge area’s. And only if you decide you want to enjoy some erotic, there are private rooms, all discrete. So its all very stylish. It’s not obligated to join in erotic activity.

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Société X

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6041 Roermond

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Société X
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