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This summer we organize a ‘RopeRetreat’ in the middle of France (Nesmy) between Nantesand Bordeaux. This is a private event with ‘Bondage’ as the central theme. We have at ourdisposal a large villa with extensive (BDSM) play possibilities, a large pool and everythingone can desire. Multiple workshops given by different teachers are available to attend forthose interested, and if you are looking for private tuition, you can get some...


If you are looking for a relaxing holiday oriented toward Bondage and want to be able to dowhatever you like, you might want to read on. The place is an oasis of tranquility, midst ofgreen, forest, nature, ...


You’re free to arrive and to leave whenever you want, ​starting from Saturday July 4th​.The event ​ends on July 26th - this is the last day of departure​. You can book any period,any amount of days, however you please. Again, first come, first served, so of course thisdepends on availability. The only thing with a fixed schedule are the workshops. So if youwant to attend one or more, of course you’ll have to be there. Next to that, the choice ofdates is yours! But be aware: Teachers are present and giving their workshops as indicated.If you want to have the workshops by a certain teacher, make sure you book in the correctperiod


Since we are having different teachers, the workshop content is very different. Making this information available is an ongoing process. Subscribe to the ‘RopeRetreat 2019 mailing list at our website to get informed when new information is available! ​We promisethat you’ll only get updates on the RopeRetreat from this newsletter.​ No other newsfrom this or other sites will be sent to you. You can unsubscribe anytime you want.


For everybody interested in bondage and who is willing to spend a nice summer holiday at aquiet idyllic place in France. You’re looking to relax in a comradely atmosphere. You’rewilling to make this an unforgettable holiday!


Nesmy has a very calm environment, midst of field, trees, forests, .. where you can walk,spend time, ‘do nothing’... We’re ‘in the middle of nowhere’, but all comfort is available.What to do?‘On the spot’: swimming in the pool, getting a tan, reading, relaxing, have a glass of wine, acocktail, ... Whatever you like. Of course there are some rules, but not many. Read on forthat.

‘Bondage / fetish related’: Bondage, Bondage, Bondage. Taking pictures, do photo shoots,watch, learn, experiment, ... No limits here, and not everything has to be focussed onbondage. However the most important rule is to respect every participant in every possibleway.There are some specific items available we can use:-a ‘meccano - metal bondage structure-a fuckingmachine-cross-hooks/ rings / beams / trees / -background/ nice shooting locations-different photo props. If you have something nice you want to bring, that’s cool. Go for it.

We can use all infrastructure available, and there is way more than what is shown in the pictures. However, we are cautious and make sure that we do not damage anything, and thethings that we are trusted with are to be kept safe and in one piece. But I’m sure this goeswithout saying.

‘Besides our location’

a lot can be done in the surroundings. Some examples: (but pleasefeel free to search for other things you like!)-Hiking-Riding a bike (bring your own bike!)-the beach (the ocean is about 30 minutes by car from where we are. Very nicebeaches are to be discovered, but these are public beaches. This means NO FKK.No nudity. Bring your bathing suit.-National park very close.-Some nice cities you can visit (Roche sur Yon, La rochelle, Nantes, ...)-...So it doesn’t have to be a ‘Bondage-only’ event: also the more common aspects of a holidayare to be done. This is also ideal to take some pictures to show at home, to ‘prove’ thatyou’ve just been on a ‘regular holiday’

Rooms / stay​: A couple of rooms are available, but if you’re willing to come by tent forcamping, that is possible too. Both for rooms as for camping pitches, the places are limited,and ‘first come, first served’. All rooms have a similar level of comfort, but who arrives firsthas the first choice. So if you’re the first to arrive, you have the widest choice of rooms. Allrooms are suitable for 2 people, and have a large bed and some storage space. Next to that,we offer you an already set up tent, with a comfortable airbed, basic organisation tools,electricity and light, just to save you the hassle of packing your tent and setting it up yourself.

Bathrooms​: Several bathrooms are available, but these will be shared. Just see on the spotwhich bathroom is available, and take a shower when a bathroom is free. We assume thiswill be a ‘self regulating’ system.

Food​: Groceries are being done. We provide 3 meals every day. Breakfast (bread, jam,cheese, meat, eggs, cereal, yoghurt, fruit, COFFEE (!!!) ... ) lunch (pancakes, semi hot meal,fruit, bread, yesterday’s leftover, ... ) and a hot dinner every night (BBQ, paella, pasta, pizza,vegetables, .... )What and how exactly will become clear on the spot, but an example: A large pan of paellaand you can take some when you’re hungry. To a certain extent, effort is done to meetpersonal preferences, but it is impossible to meet everybody’s exact requirement all the time.It is always announced in advance what food will be made.Just to be clear: the food is included in the price​, so you don’t have to buy anything to eatwhen you’re there. Do you have an idea for a dessert / a meal or you want to commityourself to prepare a (special) meal? All ideas welcome!

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85310 Nesmy, Francia

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