Klub Verboten

EC2R London, Royaume-Uni

Klub Verboten

London, Royaume-Uni
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In the last years, we have been challenging the ideas of what nightlife culture can or should be. We are a small independent team of environment creators. A group of people with the sole purpose of providing an ecosystem for expression that doesn't have a place to flourish in the normal world. Our palette doesn't accept easy single slice cheese. Our interests are beyond that, beyond the banality of happy meals and Poundland nightlife. We have a taste for the non-vanilla and if you’ve read this far, so do you.

What we’ve understood about making an event is that the experiences are temporary, they can’t be passed on or communicated with other people. With this comes an energy that is beyond materialism. In these passing moments, our role has been to create a secure and judgmental free environment that challenges people to push beyond ideas of conformity and find new levels of comfort. The memory of each event lives on in each person’s mind. Each and every person takes away a different thing.

Verboten was born in 2016 from a need to create a safer space for alternative forms of human interaction and true freedom of self-expression.

of London’s nightlife was undergoing an extensive change. Tolerance towards aggression, harassment and assault felt to be at an all-time low. This has come in part from the vocalisation of the needs of marginalised communities both in London and on a global scale. With this comes a desire to express the creative potential and interests of people outside of society's idea of convention.

to house these marginalised communities and provide a space that embodies personal and community safety is at the core of Verboten’s Ethos. We promote consensual forms of alternative human relationships and it is our core objective to champion safeguarding within the context of liberal nightlife culture.

are drawn from the broad fellowships of the kink communities that embrace the full spectrum of human diversity and inclusivity.

is centred around three key concepts. The first is Respect for one another that goes above and beyond contemporary ideas of consent. This includes the acceptance and promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion within our communities. Second, Wellbeing as a right. For marginalised communities, nightlife culture in metropolitan areas does not provide ample safety to allow people to live their lives the way they want. We believe that wellbeing should not have to be earned, fought for or reclaimed. Third, Safety within our space and at all our events. Through education, cultural exchange and collectivism we hope to create a collective consensus on safety by giving people the hard and soft skills necessary to operate in our space, at our events and within our wider communities.

was never about hanging up a poster alone. It takes dedication & effort to bound a caring ethos from within. Hence why Verboten committed to become the first entity of its nature to be fully trained & accredited by the Good Night Out Campaign - who actively combat sexual harassment in nightlife culture.

Over the years we have helped to shape a perverted but caring community, who's individuals defend and carry these values from within. If you read so far, it means you could fit right in.

We go extra lengths to maintain Verboten to be the safer zone it is. Therefore it is required to obtain a free membership for anyone wanting to attend any of our core events. Only approved members receive an ID number and membership card required to gain access and unlock tickets within the Dice App.

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Âge moyen30 ans
Surface570 m²
Peut accueillir700 personnes
Fumeursen espace extérieur
AutresWir sprechen deutsch.
Espace de jeu pour500 personnes
Chambres3 Salles
Hôtels dans les environsà partir de 80 euros
Espace extérieurBar et cocktailsEspace BDSMDarkroomPiste de danseSalle ciné / vidéoCoin câlinEspace pour les couples
Klub Verboten
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City Road
EC2R London, Royaume-Uni

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Klub Verboten

London, Royaume-Uni
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