Bad Romance Swinger Club

00153 Roma, Italie

Bad Romance Swinger Club

Roma, Italie
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A club for swingers in the heart of Rome
The Bad Romance club is the perfect spot for anyone wishing to indulge in a boundary pushing evening in a refined and elegant setting.
The small and intimate setting ensures maximum discretion and exclusivity of our customers.
Thanks to our long standing experience in the sector and our increasing success among our customers, Bad Romance will be continuing to exhibit our trademark format that has conquered the hearts of the capital.

An exclusive location in the Testaccio district
The Bad Romance Club is housed in a richly decorated historic 18th-century building where you can see the ancient walls made up of Roman amphorae from the Monte dei Cocci.
The location, c.400 square meters, also has a disco, an area used for mingling between couples and showers and a spa are at your disposal. We also have a large and welcoming outdoor terrace from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Eternal city.


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Taille400 m²
Espace extérieurPiste de danseEspace massageEspace pour les couples
Bad Romance Swinger Club
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Via Ippolito Nievo, 50
00153 Roma, Italie
(+39) 339 237 6722

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22:30–03:00 22:30–03:00 22:30–03:00 22:30–03:00 22:30–05:00 22:30–05:00 22:30–02:30

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Bad Romance Swinger Club

Roma, Italie
Club échangiste
Club échangiste
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