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We Feast




Who said playing with food is bad?

Finger-licking experiences for sophisticated food & sex enthusiasts.

Hungry for life? Let us mix you (something) up.

We cook up self-discovery journeys, that blend tantra for skeptical minds, plant-based immersive gastronomy, and artistic collaborations with a pinch of salt.

Can food be a kink? Oh yes, my dear!

Travel with us on our next journey through all senses. Explore the magic dionysian mysteries with us at our next table. Served on soul, tongue, and whatever rocks your boat.


Our two upcoming Feasts: 11-12 March 2023 & 18-19 March 2023

Whom with?

A carefully-curated group of 22 bold and curious humans in a delicious mix to celebrate and feel life
Two master chefs and our team to provide you with a secure, tummylicious, and lush experience


A wonderful secret location in central Berlin

What now exactly?

We love you JoyClub. But let's not make this more complicated than it is.

Apply for our Feast to have a quick zoom call with us, just to see how we vibe. We love serving you some eye food and brain candy. But we won't tell you what to do. You might find someone at our feast who will. Curiosity won't kill anyone's pussy and you are welcome to just peak in.

Write us with your witty brain, nurture us with your desires, feed us with your thoughts, and tell us how you feel.

Alina & Clara

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We Feast
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