Quicky Rhein-Neckar

69469 Weinheim

Club and house rules

Club and house rules
To all Swinger-Club Quicky guests !!!!

By entering our location, you recognize our house rules and we take advantage of our house right!

Cameras and cell phones are prohibited throughout the club !. If you need urgent phone calls, you can do so in the checkout area at the cigarette vending machine.

Lockers please always lock. Upon arrival, the locker keys must be handed over without exception at the bar.
When walking please lock locker and leave keys when leaving the club, at the exit.
In case of loss of a key, we reserve the right to charge a fee of 15, - € for a new lock.

Drinks are only allowed in the disco, dining area and garden.
So do not bring drinks with in the play area or in the changing rooms. Also do not take plastic bottles on the playgrounds.

Please leave the mats clean !!!!!!
Condoms in the trash, towels in the laundry baskets.
Towels are not in the bin.

Entering with shoes or high heels of the mats is also not allowed. This only breaks the mattresses. This is unhygienic.

The couples room is reserved for couples only and not for FFM or MMF. You are welcome to use all other areas in the club.

Entering the Schaumarena happens at your own risk.
In the foam smoking is prohibited.
Also in the foam, we always ask you to throw your condoms *kondom* empty condom packaging and paper in the provided trash can. They stand on almost every pillar and on the bar. Otherwise you will be blocked by our drains embedded in the floor. To clean this is a high cost and does not have to be.

Otherwise, the general club rules apply:
Clean smelly sexy club clothes *hotlady* *hotman*
Showers, showers, showers *duschen*
A *nono*, stays on *nono* (applies to everyone)
Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary.
Keep playgrounds clean !!!

Dining area: Sex is forbidden here and we do not go naked to the buffet, please always cover something.
The dirty dishes after eating, in the container provided
(without leftover food or paper). The following guests are looking forward to a clean table.

Smoking is prohibited in the entire dining area, playground area and in the champagne bar 🚫

Please also in the disco the coffee dishes, put in the container under the coffee machine.

We are not liable for lost clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc.
Therefore do not bring valuables first.
Cell phones can be given to the cloakroom staff (boxes) or at the cash register. Since they are locked away separately.

We will not forward any lost and forgotten items by mail. If you want, you can see what belongs to you on your next visit to our fund.
There we store lost property for several months.

At full house we have for you at the large bar, a part of the bar delimited (with blue Gorbatschow Barmatten) this area serves purely as a beverage outlet. Please always release, so a quick beverage outlet is given for you.
The bar staff can if necessary in too much alcohol consumption in the barriers or refuse you further alcohol. There is no discussion.
Who adheres to the rules, obeys them, will be able to spend a great evening with us *wink*
With very, very much 👇
*dj* *dance* *party* *popp* *knackarsch*

If you have a concern, you are welcome to contact Peter and Evi (are your hosts) or the staff.

Thank you says that
Quicky Team