Angels Swingers Club

SN12 Melksham, Vereinigtes Königreich

Angels Swingers Club

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Angels is a purpose built swingers club based in Melksham, West Wiltshire.

We aim to be an ever improving venue, where all of your fantasies can be explored, in a very safe and sexy environment.

We have lots of playrooms including four spacious lockable rooms, lockable swing room, large dungeon area with fully equipped suspended sex swing.

Other areas for you to explore include a voyeurs room and large open orgy/darkroom.

We have shower facilities with freshly washed towels for you to freshen up. We also have a number of lockers for you to safely store your valuables.


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Angels Swingers Club

Kaart tonen
Avonside Enterprise Park
SN12 Melksham
Vereinigtes Königreich
07970 850008

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21:30 tot 03:30 uur
20:30 tot 03:30 uur

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