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Townhouse International

CH42 Rock Ferry, VK

Townhouse International

Rock Ferry, VK


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Townhouse was established in 2005, being taken over by Vicky and Jim in 2012. We are well known for our warm welcome, spotlessly clean venue and relaxed atmosphere. We offer a no pressure environment for you to explore your sexual fantasies and broaden your horizons in the knowledge that you will be safe and respected by all. We are not just a swinging club, we are so much more! We have a massive LGBT membership as well as thousands of people from the Fetish/BDSM community; in total we have over 22000 members! We hold several events a week to tantilise people from all walks of life, interests and kink.

Townhouse is 4 floors of fun!!! Carefully planned rooms, half of which have recently been refurbished, with the rest planned for completion throughout 2019.

We are nestled in a quiet corner of the Wirral and although we are discreet to the passing public, we do not hide under the radar from the authorities and work closely with the council, police and public health to ensure that all of the correct licences* are in place, to facilitate a safe, legal and pleasurable experience for all. For this reason, only the best will do and as soon as you walk into Townhouse you will see very high standards, setting us aside from some of the other venues out there


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Townhouse International
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9 Union St
CH42 Rock Ferry, VK
0151 645 3552

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Townhouse International

Rock Ferry, VK
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