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Maison De Neige Couture

78717 Austin, États Unis

Maison De Neige Couture

Austin, États Unis


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Maison De Neige or "House of Snow" is both a nod to the high fashion houses of Paris, as well as the term "snowbunny" that is often used to reference a white female with a preference for black men.
With that in mind, Maison De Neige Couture is a high end lifestyle and streetwear fashion brand created out of Skylar Kennedy's desire to combine her passion for the beauty of interracial with high fashion.
Sleek and traditional, yet modern looks. Bold and daring. Powerful contrasts of black and white. These are just a few ways to define Skylar's designs.
Skylar believes deeply in embracing the passion within each person and showing pride in who you are and strive to be. Embracing what is both primal and natural in every aspect of life, while ending racial barriers. This is a lifestyle that Skylar has been on the forefront fighting for.
Maison De Neige is proud to be the first high end luxury lifestyle fashion brand owned, operated and helmed by a creative director who is openly and unabashedly a snowbunny.

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Nos spécialités sont :
  • Mode et habits pour soirées
Nous avons un large choix en :
  • Très grandes tailles
Nous proposons également :
  • Lingerie

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Maison De Neige Couture
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78717 Austin, États Unis

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Maison De Neige Couture

Austin, États Unis
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