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The JOYclub livestreams let you watch other members or be watched yourself – in real time. It’s the perfect feature for you to enjoy alone or with a partner (or two, or more…). Whether you’re watching or streaming yourself, the live, interactive action is guaranteed to please.

Watch and be watched

Imagine watching two people getting intimate, knowing that they want you to see and tell them what you want them to do next! Or watching a bondage show, massage workshop or erotic reading live online. Sounds good?

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As the livestreams often get hot and heavy, we only allow access to verified members. Find out how to get verified in just 2 minutes here.


How the JOYclub Livestreams work:

  • What happens? Online events, parties, workshops, talks, live shows or even just a nice date – the livestream section has a wealth of titillating options for streamers and viewers.

  • What can I do as a viewer? You can chat with the streamers and other viewers in the integrated chat. You can get involved in the livestream and send virtual gifts with compliments, likes and goodies.

  • What equipment do I need? Stream at home or on the go. Livestreams can come anywhere with you and are great fun wherever you are on your phone or PC! You’ll need a camera to stream but a microphone isn’t essential.

  • What can I stream? Livestreams let you live out your desires securely, discretely, and if you want, without giving out your profile name.

Inspiration for your next erotic livestream

Do it in front of the camera!


The livestream is an option for couples or singles who love to be watched – and not just in these times of social distancing. It’s a place to turn people on, and maybe one day it will lead you to meet up in pairs, threes or even more.
Or perhaps you and your partner just like the idea of letting other members tell you what to do? Give it a try!

Entertainment for and with the community


Can you juggle sex toys naked?
Want a live audience for your bondage show?
Want to give speed dating a try?
Show off your sensual cooking skills?
Or read an erotic bedtime story? The community wants to see your ideas! If you’re still lacking for inspiration, just ask your audience.

Erotic parties and workshops


With the JOYclub livestreams, you can spend the night in your favourite club virtually, or join in an online meet-up. Organisers, club operators, artists and other service providers are also using the new feature to broadcast their parties and shows live. You can find upcoming events, workshops and more in our erotic event calendar.


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Give the gift of pleasure with goodies

If you like a livestream, show it with goodies. Choose from hearts, hot chillies, confetti, a round of applause or a rocket. This live feedback on what’s happening is visible to everyone on the livestream. It cheers the streamer on and shows them what their audience wants to see. A win–win! You can buy goodies with coins, which you can get that you get here.


What is JOYclub?

With more than 3.5 million members, JOYclub is a lively, sex-positive community that brings passion and desire into your life. Whether you’re a man, woman, trans, single or in a couple, JOYclub lets you (and your partner) explore and live out your erotic fantasies with other members. Curious? Register for free and discover the world of JOYclub. We look forward to meeting you!

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