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Sex Education
    • The perfect handjob'

      The perfect handjob

      Handjobs can be tough, huh? But after watching this tutorial, it shouldn't feel like a job anymore! Benefit from Divine Theratrix' expert knowledge and pick up a few tricks to make your partner (or even yourself) extra happy.

    • No transvestism without gender!'

      No transvestism without gender!

      Transvestism is a topic that has generated curiosity and various concerns over time. It is an expression of gender in which a person dresses or adopts characteristics of the opposite gender to the one assigned at birth. Read more!

    • Mutual Masturbation'

      Mutual Masturbation

      For the most part, it is probably a good idea to keep masturbating on the low, but how about sharing that experience with a partner? Learn more about mutual masturbation in this article.

    • Sensory Play & Sex Tech'

      Sensory Play & Sex Tech

      Indulging in sensory play can make you feel types of pleasure that had previously been undiscovered. And adding sex toys takes it to a whole new level. Learn how to get started in our article!

    • Q&A with Ruby Rare!'

      Q&A with Ruby Rare!

      We are looking back on a great livestream with Ruby Rare on all things sex & non-monogamy. Did you miss it? Here's your chance to redeem yourself!

    • The Contraception Chronicles'

      The Contraception Chronicles

      Is contraception a shared responsibility? On this World Contraception Day, let's dive into the history and present of contraception to learn more about challenges and consequences it can bring with it.

    • Anal Fisting'

      Anal Fisting

      Curious to try anal fisting, but not sure how to go about it? You've come to the right place! Divine Theratrix will show you how.

    • How to work your Sex Magic'

      How to work your Sex Magic

      In this spiritual practice, erotic energy is used to manifest ideas into reality. Do you believe in magic?

    • Debunking Sex Myths'

      Debunking Sex Myths

      With sex still being a taboo topic, there's a lot of information cursating around it and well... let's say not all of it is gold! Let's debunk some sex myths.

    • A hairy matter'

      A hairy matter

      Body hair can be a controversial topic - especially for women. Let this article inspire you to question your preferences and, who knows, maybe let it all g(r)o(w)!

    • Bedroom Talk'

      Bedroom Talk

      Have you ever had trouble communicating what you really want in bed? Well, you're not alone! Here's a guide to help you do just that for future reference.

    • Who's the love of your life?'

      Who's the love of your life?

      There's no such thing as looking for "the other half". Read this article from Perra de Satán, and find a lot of love for yourself.

    • 7 Secrets of Conscious Masturbation'

      7 Secrets of Conscious Masturbation

      Ever feel like the sole purpose of masturbation is to get it over with? We have a different approach for you! Here's 7 things you should know about conscious masturbation.

    • The History of Pride'

      The History of Pride

      Especially during Pride Month, the world seems to be full of colours nowadays. But when did this start? Here's some facts about the history of Pride.

    • Kink 101'

      Kink 101

      Getting into kink - or getting your partner into kink - might not be as straight forward as you think. So, here's your guide!