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Welcome to the JOYclub-Forum

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Where is your favourite location?

From frivolous bars and discotheques to porn cinemas and swinger clubs. There are many places to go for the erotic pleasure. (Dan_Rich)

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When do you like to have sex? Thread with survey

I would like to know from you, when the desire is greatest with you. In the morning after waking up? In the evening to relax or maybe even a little quickie in the afternoon? I am looking forward to your answers! (Devonshire)

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Illustrated threadSextoys - What are your Favourites?

The easiest way to make your sex life even more exciting is through sex toys. More and more people are using toys to have more fun in bed alone or together. (Dan_Rich)

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Illustrated threadWhat are your hottest sex fantasies?

You dream of a hot night at an unusual place? Would you like to have a threesome or even an orgy? Would you like to venture into a swingers club for the first time? Let yourself be watched having sex or even be dominated by a total stranger? (Dan_Rich)

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Sexy Selfie: Show us your most beautiful side!

Hello, I tell you something like my breasts. That's why I like to show my breasts on my pictures in the JOYclub: How are you doing? Legs, breasts, buttocks or the eyes? Show us your seductive side! SevenSins JOY-Team (SevenSins)

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Illustrated threadPhoto wanted: What do you wear in the club?

Hello dear clubbers, Whether you're a swingers newcomer or already deeply rooted in the scene - the excitement before a club visit often begins in front of your wardrobe at home. What do I wear? (SevenSins)

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Berlin Visitor Advice: Best clubs for BDSM and swapping?

Hi, we are a couple from England visiting Berlin in June. This is our second visit and last time we visited Insomnia which was our first experience of a sex club, we loved it. We both swapped and also enjoyed some gentle BDSM. (Moxonpair)

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New at the JoyClub? Welcome!

It's nice that you registered at the JOYclub and found your way here. From now on you are a part of our exciting community. Congratulations! We are happy that you are here. (Dan_Rich)

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New to Clubbing: Tips for clubs in Berlin wanted

Hi! I am new to clubbing and the sexual activities in clubbing at Berlin. Any one who would like to help? (RobinBlue82)

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