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Welcome to the JOYclub-Forum
Welcome to the JOYclub-forum!

Here you have the opportunity to inform yourself, to get involved and to exchange ideas with other members. Many members come back again and again, help our newcomers or discuss enthusiastically with us.

If you want to have a say, here are a few useful tips to help you find your way around.

  • Step 1: Read our guidelines
    To move around safely and have fun within JOYclub, we recommend that you read our guidelines: https://www.joyclub.com/en/hilfe/community_guide.html
  • Step 2: Write your topic suggestion
    Post your questions to the community and write your topic suggestion.
    After you have written your topic, go to "Save topic suggestion". The new topic will then be reviewed by the JOY-team and you will be informed as soon as possible whether your topic has been approved.
  • Step 3: Join the discussion
    As soon as someone has replied to your topic, you will receive a notification. Thank them for their helpful contributions and take part in the discussion yourself. This will also strengthen your profile in JOYclub, because we are a community that attaches great importance to the exchange between each other.

Do you want to make new contacts in JOYclub? Then we have the following tips for you:

  • Make your profile appealing and tell the community what defines you.
  • Upload a high quality profile picture that shows you how you are and how you feel.
  • If you don't want to use a photo of your face as a profile picture, you have the possibility to create a private photo album with face pictures and then activate it for interested contacts.
  • In your messages, show interest in your counterpart by referring to their profile description.
  • Distribute compliments, best well thought out
  • Show who you are by participating in forum and group discussions. You can use the compliments you receive for your posts to get in touch by replying to them.

If you have further questions about the functions of the JOYclub, our JOY-Guides will be happy to help you. We have set up an English thread where you can ask your question. Here you will get fast and uncomplicated help: JOY-Guides: Need Help? Quick questions and answers!

Have fun getting to know our community!

Best regards
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