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english online events
hi international cummunity,
is there any place here in the joyclub where english online events can be posted?

would be nice to connect to other people *g*

Alexandra & Christian
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What kind of events are you after ? I've seen some live cam shows for instance simply termed "for English speakers " whereas I've seen some events posted as miss somebody reads something in English. I can't remember details too well obviously *nein* . One thing is for sure, there are English speakers groups here and plenty that do. In the eternal wisdom of Wayne's world 2 ... book them, and they shall come. *top*
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Hi very good idea . Thanks
****d85 Man
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Hi y’all I am glad to see this events I am here in Germany stationed cuz my job in the army and look for more people to connect
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Would be great
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@********ight Hi Alexandra and Christian,
way back when I launched an international group here on joy club I know a lot of the members would love some English streaming! All Shades of S(k)in!
We have moved back to the US this year and the group has been a little idle, but I would love if you post your question there. Anyhow, I who had great ideas to co-moderate- as I am soo far removed now.


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Byłoby ciekawie na pewno
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