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I have looked through this forum and it seems like there's not a thread where photographers, such as myself, can present themselves, offer their services and network. So I thought I'd make one and kick it off by presenting myself. I know there are a lot of threads regarding this topic in the german forums, but not the international ones. So I thought that maybe this could be of interest for the people here :).

I'm a professionel photographer from Southern Denmark who work mostly in portraits. But on the side I do erotic photography in the genres nude, semi-nude, porn art, pornography, lingerie and mild BDSM. A sort of passion project where money isn't always the driving force, but a chance to be more creative and such. I work with woman and couples and sometimes also take part in the shooting as an "actor".

My inspiration for erotic photography is retro/vintage magazine like Private, Rodox, Busen etc. But also works from photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. You can see some of my work on my profile here at JC.

Should you be interested in setting up a shoot, or do you have questions regarding my work you are very welcome to send me a ClubMail :). Please read through my homepages before writing though. There are some importaint points here and there, and you'll get a better understanding of who I am and how I work *g*

I wish you all the best *g*
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I am photigrapher / graphic designer that has been working with Photoshop since 1994.

Normally, I would plan a few shoots during the spring and summer before Corona. It would be nice to plan some this year.

If anyone is in NRW or visiting and would like organize a shoot feel free to send me a message.
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