Travel to budapest

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Travel to budapest
Hello ,
I’ll be there im budapest from 16 to 23 december
I want recomendations for private parties or couples only clubs where we can enjoy together
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We heard that Dream land is the best, but we went to Tika Tak because Dream land was not working on January the first. In Tika tak club it was good , nice people, lots of couples only few solo man. Club is clean, and crew is polite. We had a good time but not interaction with Hungarian couples , because they play between eachother. So we play together and we had voyeurs to watch but no one to play with us. Have good time in Budapest, city is very live, good energy , lots of things to see.
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We are traveling to Lisbon next week. Please, recommend some nice places to enjoy the nights 🥰
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Tiktak is upper class club.
Dream land is lower class.
No one of them is good now a days, lots beginners, no or few interactions.
Usually Hungarians not like foreigners.
Had been in both clubs a lot, so I know what I am talk about.
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