Consent is sexy

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Consent is sexy
Consent is key for all the fun and sex positive things we do and talk about on here.
Our author Roy Graff agrees in his article C is for Consent and talks about ways to give, refuse and revoke consent.

Consent is sexy as they say and we want to know how that is true for you?

  • What are your favorite ways to give or ask for consent?
  • When was giving or receiving consent the sexiest for you?
  • But also, what works best in your “negotiations”?

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A look of desire and a kiss… it all starts and goes from there… the more passionate the faster it goes
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I love to slowly tell a partner exactly what I would like to do with them. This can be an incredibly hot way to begin foreplay! For example, I might approach them with a hungry look in my eyes and say "I really want to pull your pants down right now!" then wait and watch as their eyes widen with delight and they (hopefully) nod eagerly and say "YES!"
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Interesting question! I've always been more on the side of encouraging others to tell me what they want, so the question of consent has never really come up for me.

I did one time ask a girl, just as we were getting started, "how do you like it?" (just trying to find out what she wanted, or was into), and she kinda freaked out. She thought I was just asking if she wanted anal, and didn't really know how to respond. The next day I got a message from her saying that she didn't think we were a good match (or something like that), and that was the end of it.

I guess my directness backfired! I thought the night went well, but she apparently didn't... *snief*
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