Being naughty in Budapest

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Being naughty in Budapest
Hello everyone
We are a couple from Denmark travelling to Budapest next weekend de 20-22nd of january.
We are looking for something fun to do friday and saturday, preferrably some kind nightclub, we we can dress up nice and sexy, and where the vibe is cool and sex is allowed.
Is there anything like that, in that weekend?
We have already looked at Freedom Fetish and kinkster, but their parties are not in that weekend.
If this nightclub feeling is not possible, can anyone reccomend a swingerclub which is nice for a good looking couple?
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Hello! There are several swingers clubs in and around Budapest (Tik-Tak, Dreamland, Swinger For You, Dolce Vita). You can find out more about them by searching on the internet.
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Tika Tak is ok, not the best , but ok.
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Take a look around on the links below, there will be a private house party in downtown Budapest on the 20th and another in the 14th district on the 21st.
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